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Trevor May Future Closer

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:28 AM
Trevor May has the stuff to be the next great closer. After reading prior opinions for putting May back in the rotation I have to disagre...

Sano and BAbip

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:28 AM
Should we be worried that Miguel Sano's numbers through 200 plate appearances (289/.394/.584) involve a .424 batting average on balls in...


Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:04 AM
Is it just me or has he looked terrible at the plate? Also, I don't know why but the eating of sunflower seeds while bating drives me nut...

Twins Prospect Named Minor League POY Finalist

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:48 AM
USA TODAY has named Adam Brett Walker II amongst the Five Finalist for Minor League National Player of the Year Honors.  Walker lead...

Houston series- does management blow it with poor roster...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:55 PM
I really can't figure out TR and our front office personal. Are they trying to set the Twins up to "go for it (wildcard)",or don't they r...



PODCAST: The Breakdown - Ep 6 - Cole DeVries and Brandon Warne

Posted by Brandon Warne in BW on the Beat, 28 August 2015 · 45 views

hey, here's a fresh new episode recorded today:


TwinsDaily Minor League Report (8/27): Defense Fails in the Minor Leagues

Posted by Eric R Pleiss in Blog Eric R Pleiss, 28 August 2015 · 129 views
alex real, michael bowden and 3 more...

TwinsDaily Minor League Report (8/27): Defense Fails in the Minor Leagues Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano ran out of magic on Thursday night as the pair lost for the first time while playing in the lineup together, snapping the Twins' longest winning streak since 2011. With September call-ups less than a week away, let's take a look at some of the action down in the Minor Leagues.

Syracuse Chiefs @ Rochester Re...

2015 All-Former Twins Team

Posted by jackwhite in JackWhite's Blog, 27 August 2015 · 175 views

2015 All-Former Twins Team The Twins are a team known for producing their players from the minor league system. Although one of Minnesota’s biggest downfalls is the team’s inability to resign and sign big-time players. Many players from the likes of David Ortiz to Kyle Lohse have gone on to have success with other teams. Seeing countless former Twins crush their old Minnesota ball...

The Twins Final Weapon

Posted by Off The Baggy in Off The Baggy, 27 August 2015 · 445 views

August comes to a close, the Twins have rebounded from a lackluster middle of the summer, and an AL Wild Card spot is once again in the cards. Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton have paced the offense, and Paul Molitor's club is rolling. Heading into September, there's one more weapon the Twins have at their disposal however: La Maquina.

Spanish for "The Machi...

Doe and White: To the Miracle and Back Again

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 24 August 2015 · 238 views

Every minor leaguer's goal entering the season is to develop his game to the point where he earns a promotion to the next higher level in the system.

Sometimes, that call comes when a player has dominated play within their league. Other times, circumstances align to create an opportunity for players to move up the organizational ladder, at least temporar...

Hypothetical post-season

Posted by South Dakota Tom in South Dakota Tom's Blog, 24 August 2015 · 402 views
hughes, berrios, milone, duffy and 1 more...

We have a rotation, today, of Santana, Gibson, Pelfrey, Milone, and Duffy. Let's say, theoretically, that we arrive at game 162 and need a game 163, or, better yet, a one-game playoff against the Yankees or Blue Jays (no other scenario seems very plausible right now, at least not one involving the Twins).

Santana could pitch a game 163, though I'm not c...

A Quick Analysis of the Rest of 2015

Posted by Shane Wahl in Field of Twins, 24 August 2015 · 529 views

The Twins' four-game sweep of the Orioles has kept them very much alive in the 2015 wild card chase. On Tuesday, they start a big three-game series with another contender in the Tampa Bay Rays. A series win would put two games between the Twins and Rays and keep the Twins within a couple games, at worst, of the final wild card spot.

This comes after a bi...

Twins Minor League Report (8/23): Gonsalves Struggles

Posted by Steve Lein in The Hanging SL, 23 August 2015 · 243 views

The Minnesota Twins got to Orioles closer Zach Britton on Sunday, and stole a 4-3 win in extra innings thanks to some early help from the bat of Miguel Sano (11th HR in first inning), and late help from the defense of Baltimore (2 errors in the 12th inning) to move back to .500.

In the minors on Sunday two affiliates had trouble producing offense, star...

Jepsen's Changeup and it's Implications on Twins analytics

Posted by Secondary User in Twin's Organizational News, 22 August 2015 · 896 views

So Kevin Jepsen made some interesting points last night after recording his first save for the injured Glen Perkins. He talked about how his changeup was important last night against the two lefties and how early in the year he had relied less on his changeup to lefties, and it was resulting in his left handed splits getting out of control.

For those who...

Somebody please explain the Molitor Psychosis about Escobar...

Posted by huhguy in Blog huhguy, 22 August 2015 · 515 views

Why is Molitor so intent on playing other people at SS. Many of you have made the point way back that Escobar is the best SS we have.

Escobar walk off double
Nunez plays the next day (I was shocked)

First game against Orioles - Escobar doubles and homers
Nunez plays the next day

WTF? Now Molitor is even making excuses for his inexcusable d...

Fixing the Minnesota Twins’ Bullpen

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in The Go Gonzo Journal Twins Blog, 19 August 2015 · 807 views
bullpen, rotation, pat dean and 2 more...

Fixing the Minnesota Twins’ Bullpen After the bullpen blew two leads in New York in as many days on the way to being swept by the Yankees, the Minnesota Twins’ playoff chances have taken a massive hit. Now with closer Glen Perkins leaving the team to have an MRI on his neck, it looks as though Terry Ryan sitting on his hands at the MLB Trade Deadline and using kid gloves with Byron Buxton,...

Minnesota Twins Patience with Prospects Frustrating, but Effective

Posted by Tom Schreier in Tom Schreier's Blog, 18 August 2015 · 1,079 views
minnesota twins, terry ryan and 3 more...

I understand the frustration, and the patience that needs to be shown, but it's the way [it works].
-- Twins GM Terry Ryan on being patient with prospects, 8/14/15
All Minnesota Twins fans wanted on Friday night was Jose Orlando Berrios to make his first major league start. The 21-year-old pitcher was rated the 36th best prospect in all of baseball by Ba...

The Best Team to Cover, Book Review of the new Best Team Money Can Buy by Molly Knight

Posted by ScottyBroco in Not Another Baseball Blog, 18 August 2015 · 447 views

The Best Team to Cover, Book Review of the new Best Team Money Can Buy by Molly Knight .
The Best Team Money Can Buy covers baseball’s most polarizing and entertaining team in recent years without newspaper reporting deadlines.
“How does the [The Best Team Money Can Buy ] compare to Moneyball ?” The Duluth Public Librarian asked me after I checked out the new book by former ESPN reporter Molly Knight.
I explained my excitement. “Basical...

How To Win Every Byron Buxton Debate

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven in Peanuts from Heaven, 17 August 2015 · 853 views
teachable moments, byron buxton

For the last week a great many Twins fans have been fiercely debating the fate of top prospect Byron Buxton. As the most prominent minor leaguer for the local nine since Joe Mauer, Buxton has been tremendously appealing to fans from Apple Valley to Zumbrota, particularly as the Twins scramble to hold on to one of the AL Wild Cards.

Yet Twins Territory ha...

So You're Saying There's A Chance?

Posted by stringer bell in stringer bell's Blog, 17 August 2015 · 196 views

The Twins current playoff probability according to Baseball Prospectus is just 7%. That seems low, given the fact that they only trail wild card leader Baltimore by 1.5 games and play the Orioles four games within the week.

Here's a tale about the underdog winning. A young sophomore track runner has had a respectable season in the 1600 meters going into...

Engelb Vielma Making Noise

Posted by Boone in Blog Boone, 17 August 2015 · 210 views

It’s time people start paying attention to Engelb Vielma. Vielma, who turned 21 a month ago, has been the starting shortstop for the Miracle this season. Always known as a top flight defensive prospect, the diminutive Vielma has done little to discourage that perception in his first 2 seasons of professional ball: in the Midwest League in 2014, Vielma p...

Time to end the Oswaldo Arcia obsession

Posted by dougkoebernick in Blog dougkoebernick, 15 August 2015 · 557 views

Although Oswaldo Arcia looked promising in 2013 and 2014, the fact is that he does not look promising in 2015. Despite this, many people have posted at various times this summer about calling him up. This is not going to happen. He needs to get his act straightened out or get healthy - whichever is the case. Until he does that, I would recommend that we g...

Column: Tyler Duffey gets one chance to stay a starter

Posted by Brian Mozey in Blog Brian Mozey, 14 August 2015 · 514 views
tyler duffey, jose berrios and 2 more...

Column: Tyler Duffey gets one chance to stay a starter Tyler Duffey, a starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, will be recalled from Triple-A Rochester to start Saturday against the Cleveland Indians. The start on Saturday will be a make or break start with starting pitcher Jose Berrios eyeing a turn in the majors.

Duffey, a 24-year-old pitcher from Texas, will be starting his second game in his big league...

Daniel Kihle Plays Hero in Nightcap of Long Day in Betsy

Posted by Evan Ellis in Betsy Twins Report, 11 August 2015 · 289 views

When the clock struck midnight, and Monday became Tuesday at Joe O’Brien Field, a rooster crowed loudly into the East Tennessee night. It was not a real bird, just a bit of fun concocted by the E-Twins promotion crew in the press box. It was a cheap laugh on a long night, but there was still baseball to be played.

The scheduled double-dip got started on...

The Bullying Typist

Posted by Axel Kohagen in Blog Axel Kohagen, 10 August 2015 · 567 views
#alishaperkins #fifteens5k and 1 more...

I planned to write four columns for four Twins games attended in eight days, but I got stuck after running Fifteen's 5K before the last game and ended up skipping the game and staying home. The Twins lost, but my experience running into Target Field and getting closer Glen Perkins to sign my medal thrilled me enough to make me forget my favorite team's wo...

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