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Article: Players’ Union Rejects Pace Of Play Proposals

Other Baseball Yesterday, 11:29 PM
Pace of play has been one of the major focuses during Rob Manfred’s time as commissioner. Timers have been added for between innings and...

Article: Twelve's A Crowd: Twins Are Rolling In Relief

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:21 PM
Minnesota's signing of righty reliever Addison Reed to a two-year, $16.25 million contract, which became official on Monday, was stunning...

Article: Johan Santana Elected To Twins Hall of Fame

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:50 PM
This afternoon at Target Field, the Minnesota Twins announced that Johan Santana has been elected to the Twins Hall of Fame.Santana is th...

Twins Opening Day Roster 2018 vs 2017

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:11 PM
Although there are a few days left until this gets decided, it doesn't look like there will many decisions to make. If you assume that th...

Article: Three Twins Breakout Candidates For 2018

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:04 PM
During every season, there are players who figure something out and take the next step. It can be a pitcher finally gaining command of a...



WAR on Twins Hall of Fame

Posted by sethmoko in Sethmoko's Blog, 19 January 2018 · 77 views
hall of fame

WAR on Twins Hall of Fame The announcement of Johan Santana's well-deserved selection to the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame as well as the round-and-round Twitter and blog conversation about MLB Hall of Fame selections got me thinking: Who is in the Twins Hall of Fame that might surprise and who are other deserving candidates.

I'm going to begin with a couple of caveats. First, I'l...

What does one of the newest predictive measurements tells about the Twins' bats in 2018?

Posted by Thrylos in Thrylos' Blog - select Tenth Inning Stretch posts, 19 January 2018 · 261 views

Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

With the recent slew of raw data we have about hitters, based on Statcast, new metrics based on that raw data have been developed to predict hitter performance, based on objective measurements, such as bat exit speed and launch angle. One of these metrics is the expected weighted on base average,...

Mitch Garver & Zack Granite back in CR for Winter Caravan

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 18 January 2018 · 282 views

Wednesday night, the Cedar Rapids Kernels and their Major League partner, the Minnesota Twins, combined to put on a terrific program for eastern Iowa baseball fans as the Twins once again included a stop in Cedar Rapids for their annual Winter Caravan in conjunction with the Kernels' annual Hot Stove Banquet.

Prospects for 2018

Posted by Physics Guy in Blog Physics Guy, 18 January 2018 · 587 views

2017 was the season Twins fans have been waiting for. Although 2015 did offer a bit of a respite from several dreary seasons, it didn't feel as sustainable as last year's performance did. There are many reasons to think that the Twins may be on the road to a prolonged run at the playoffs. Our regular lineup has an excellent mix of productive veterans a...

The Reed Option

Posted by Jamie Cameron in Curveball Blog, 16 January 2018 · 716 views
addison reed, trevor hildenberger and 1 more...

The Reed Option The Twins made an unexpected addition to their burgeoning bullpen over the weekend, adding former Mets and Red Sox reliever Addison Reed on a two-year pact worth $16.75 million. The deal profiles well for the Twins on a number of fronts. At 29, Reed is at the younger end of a relief pitching market deep in high quality back end bullpen arms. Reed represen...

T&L Supershow ep. 53

Posted by Twins and Losses in Twins and Losses, 16 January 2018 · 146 views
twins and losses, mn wild and 3 more...

We're back! Episode 53 is available for you to ingest right now!

This week Dan and Panda cover all of the recent MLB free agency moves, along with what the Twins have been up to.

Then they take a trip to the local retirement home and break out #OldFriend Barry Campbell to talk about the Minnesota Wild, and answer a thousand fan questions that you sent...

Why Yu Darvish Will Be Cheaper Than Everyone Thinks

Posted by Andrew Thares in Rounding Third, 14 January 2018 · 1,803 views

Why Yu Darvish Will Be Cheaper Than Everyone Thinks This offseason has been nothing short of unprecedented. It started with the 23-year-old sensation Shohei Ohtani deciding to leave Japan for the MLB, two years before he was eligible to sign without the International Free Agency restrictions. Then it was followed up with two months of absolute standstill for many of the top free agents. So, how could this...

REPORT: Twins Sign Reliever Addison Reed to Two-Year Deal

Posted by Brandon Warne in Asking the Tough Questions, 13 January 2018 · 361 views
addison reed, minnesota twins

As far as we can tell, history was made on Saturday as the Minnesota Twins agreed to sign right-handed reliever Addison Reed to a two-year deal. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic had the first report, and as far as the crack research team of yours truly and Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer Press can tell, it’s the first-ever contract multi-year deal the...

Welcome to the Hall Jack - to ESPN, get over it!

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 12 January 2018 · 371 views

Welcome to the Hall Jack - to ESPN, get over it! It’s the Hall of Fame selection, not the president of the United States that is being chosen. Its time for all the sabrematricians and the modern sports writers to get off their rocking horses and forget the angst. Jack Morris is in the Hall of Fame. He almost made it in the regular selection process and should have if I chose, but there was no hesitat...

New Approach on Signing Yu Darvish

Posted by jharaldson in Back Office Twins Baseball Blog, 12 January 2018 · 981 views

It is no secret that this offseason has been particularly slow. Judd Zulgad and Phil Mackey had a conversation about it this week on their radio show because the lack of news was taking the excitement out of the offseason. ESPN has set up a free agency tracker and only 2 of the top 10 free agents have signed and only 7 of the top 20 overall. The 4 top p...

Hey Joe, What's Next?

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 09 January 2018 · 284 views

In listening to the latest episode of Aaron Gleemen and John Bonnes' Gleeman and the Geek , I found myself pondering a question the pair posed. in wondering what happens next for the Minnesota Twins first basemen Joe Mauer, it seemed they both felt as though a high likelihood that he play for another team in 2019 is present. My feelings have always been t...

Understanding the "Quality of Pitch" (QOP/QOPA/QOPV) Statistics

Posted by Lenzy2108 in Musings from Twins Territory, 08 January 2018 · 386 views
quality of pitch (qop)

Understanding the "Quality of Pitch" (QOP/QOPA/QOPV) Statistics I've spent a lot of time over the last few days reading about a relatively new statistic called "quality of pitch" (QOP) , which assigns a numerical value to each pitch a pitcher throws. The values can then averaged together to come up with a pitchers average quality of pitch (QOPA) or you can look at a quality of pitch set of values (QOPV) as another too...

On acquiring Yu Darvish or Gerrit Cole

Posted by Hosken Bombo Disco in Hosken's Blog, 06 January 2018 · 1,077 views
yu darvish, nick gordon and 3 more...

On Monday, Rhett Bollinger of MLB wrote that the Minnesota Twins are still more likely to upgrade their pitching rotation for 2018 through free agency than by trade.

And on Tuesday, MLB Trade Rumors reported off of a 1500 ESPN tweet that pitchers’ agents were getting the sense that the Twins (i.e., Derek Falvey and Thad Levine) were putting off talks un...

Johan Santana and the duel at the Dome

Posted by David Bohlander in Distraction via Baseball, 04 January 2018 · 1,568 views
johan santana, pedro martinez and 1 more...

All the Hall of Fame ballots are postmarked. More than 100 have been revealed . Of those, only three voters have checked the name of the greatest pitcher I’ve ever regularly watched. Johan Santana’s time on the writers’ ballot looks to be short and unsuccessful.
Others have written compelling and thorough articles about Santana’s case. I’m mostly sad t...

Minnesota Twins Fans vs The Pohlad Family

Posted by MidwestTwinsFan15 in The Line of Mendoza, 28 December 2017 · 686 views
pohlandfamily, economics and 2 more...

This post is inspired by the comment sections of both the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St Paul Pioneer Press. I enjoy spending my time scrolling through these sections to see how the small amount of internet trolls are getting people worked up. After reading through these newspaper sections, it is a relief to come over to Twins Daily and read from wel...

What if the Twins had drafted Prior or Teixeira instead of Mauer?

Posted by notoriousgod71 in What if the Twins had drafted Prior or Teixeira instead of Mauer?, 26 December 2017 · 1,288 views

What if the Twins had drafted Mark Prior or Mark Teixeira instead of Joe Mauer?
Key Players Affected by Alternate Draft Choices
2002 Prior WAR: 2.6 ERA 3.32 FIP 3.16 xFIP 3.04
2003 Prior WAR: 7.5 ERA 2.43 FIP 2.47 xFIP 2.92
2004 Prior WAR: 2.7 ERA 4.02 FIP 3.53 xFIP 3.64
2005 Prior WAR: 2.8 ERA 3.67 FIP 3.85 xFIP 3.38
2006 Prior awful
2002 Mauer xxx

Lucas Duda at DH

Posted by MaxOelerking in 2017 Free Agency, 20 December 2017 · 793 views
lucas duda, power, free agent

Lucas Duda at DH Last year at DH for the Twins looked like this:

Robbie Grossman 257 39 .336 .398 .320
Kennys Vargas 129 17 .310 .425 .313
Miguel Sano 100 7 .300 .267 .254
Eduardo Escobar 74 7 .297 .424 .308
Joe Mauer 57 8 .386 .347 .331
Mitch Garver 12 1 .417 .500 .391

Crushing or Flushing?

Posted by mike8791 in mike8791's Blog, 16 December 2017 · 493 views

The MLB meetings are officially over and many more questions remain than have been answered for most organizations. While the lack of activity, especially among the top player categories, has been surprising, there are some tentative conclusions that can be drawn about Falvine and their impact on the Twins. We recognize the jury is still out until the d...

Interested in Baseball Research? Join SABR!

Posted by hvs in Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR, 12 December 2017 · 394 views
halsey hall chapter, december

Interested in Baseball Research? Join SABR! "Baseball research" in modern circles tends to be seen solely in the analytical sense. However, the group for which "sabermetrics" was named (by Bill James), the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR), is so much more than analytics. In fact, they are a research society focused on every aspect of baseball research which includes committees rangin...

Go big or go home

Posted by beckmt in Blog beckmt, 10 December 2017 · 498 views

Found two interesting articles today about direction. One stated that with 5 clubs already all in (Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Astros, Angels, and maybe even the Mariners ). There was the comment that most of the rest of the American league should be sellers as best expectation would a wild card spot and a quick exit.
The second article was in the Tampa...