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Who do you think is the Twins best/worst Free agent that...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:57 PM
Who do you guys think is the one who got away? Was a free agent and the Twins let them walk? No not Johan Santana as they traded him, I...

Adrianza signing elsewhere?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:57 PM
Ehire Adrianza posted a Thank You message to the Twins and their fans on his Instagram page earlier today. Can't find any reports yet on...

Does Aaron Make It In All-Time Best Outfield?

Other Baseball Today, 05:24 PM
He makes my all time outfield: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Henry Aaron. But think of whom is left out - Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams, Willie...

R.I.P. Hank Aaron

Other Baseball Today, 04:25 PM
Hank Aaron passed away this morning. He was 86 years old. Feels like we're losing MLB legends every week, unfortunately. 

Winter league update

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:34 AM
All the usual winter leagues are playing baseball, but there is not a lot of news.   Jose Miranda has played 15 games for the Crioll...



Nellie or Nick?

Posted by mike8791 in mike8791's Blog, 23 January 2021 · 256 views

Recently, Twins have been reported to have sweetened the price to Nellie, though still sticking to a one year deal. Very hard to argue with FO's desire to bring back a guy who has been the Twins' offensive leader for the past two years, nor is sticking to a one year deal with a 41 year old debatable.

The only FA DH the Twins have been linked to is Ozuna...

A Nostalgic Favorite: Revisiting Major League II

Posted by Chris Spicer in Spicer's Baseball Movie Reviews, 22 January 2021 · 479 views
baseball, movie, major league and 2 more...

A Nostalgic Favorite: Revisiting Major League II What’s the worst that could happen bringing back an iconic baseball classic back for more hijinks and fun 5 years later? When this movie came out back in 1994 and I was 11 years old and I remember this being the movie that got me most excited to watch anything baseball. I saw this in a 2-screen theater in Grand Forks, ND (where I’m from) with my friends w...

Home Runs, Strike outs and walks

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 22 January 2021 · 449 views
baseball statistics, barry bonds and 3 more...

Home Runs, Strike outs and walks What does Bonds, McGwire, or Sosa's home run records mean in a game that is just another version of video game? Set their record up as per cent of HRs hit. Ruth hit 60 and the teams averaged 58, Bonds hit 73 and teams averaged 185. Time to get some real perspective. Bonds would have needed to hit 191.

In an era where we seem to forget how great baseball...

Happ Signing Means Bigger Things to Come...We Hope

Posted by Allen Post in The POSTseason, 20 January 2021 · 1,210 views
j.a. happ

Happ Signing Means Bigger Things to Come...We Hope The Twins signed veteran starter J.A. Happ to a one-year, $8 million deal this afternoon. Happ is 38 years old and pitched to a 3.47 ERA and a 1.054 WHIP in nine starts with the Yankees in 2020.
At first glance, Happ’s addition feels like the kind of boring move that is necessary for contending teams to make. He’s not making national headlines, but he’l...

The Twins Free Agency is Happening

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 20 January 2021 · 915 views
minnesota twins, jake odorizzi and 2 more...

This afternoon the Minnesota Twins made their first big splash of the winter in signing former Yankees starter J.A. Happ. He’s nothing flashy by any means, but the $8 million pact will move the salary needle.

Here’s the deal with Happ, he was passable in 2020 and his Baseball Savant metrics paint a prettier picture than a 4.57 FIP can (even with a 3.47 E...

The State of the Rotation

Posted by Tyy1117 in Extra Innings, 20 January 2021 · 538 views
j.a. happ, rotation, pitcher

It's a new day in the United States, Joe Biden is now the President. It's also a new day for the back of the Minnesota Twins' rotation, J.A. Happ is now the number 4 starter.

38 year old J.A. (pronounced like "jay" not "j" "a") Happ has signed an $8 Million, 1 year deal to pitch in Minnesota. Happ isn't a particularly sexy signing, but he has been a pro...

Patching Holes: How the Twins can still fix their roster (SP Edition)

Posted by Andrew Luedtke in Thoughts from The Catch, 20 January 2021 · 291 views

Patching Holes: How the Twins can still fix their roster (SP Edition) Major League Baseball is no longer played with only 5 starting pitchers, and it hasn’t been for awhile. The importance of depth becomes crucial here as teams know that during a season, they will have to use 8, 9, 10+ starters in a given season.

Anyone else remember when the 2017 Twins used 16 different starters?

With departures of Odorizzi, Hill, and Ba...

White Sox best team in AL. Seriously?

Posted by Supfin99 in Supfin99's Blog, 13 January 2021 · 832 views

So ESPN and Jeff Passan just published an article saying the White Sox are the team to beat now in the American League. He feels that way now due to them signing Hendricks. Now Hendricks is a very good reliever and might be the best closer in all of baseball. But how much better did he actually make them? If the White Sox had a bullpen like the Phillies l...

"Winning" the offseason

Posted by South Dakota Tom in South Dakota Tom's Blog, 07 January 2021 · 1,515 views

There have been several excellent "how would you spend $x?" articles written this off-season. There is some point in the winter when the ice breaks and teams start signing players; there are often several points at which these occur, and I've often wondered how that math gets done, realizing that one would be criticized for either moving too quickly (gros...

Hansel Robles: The Beginning of the Bullpen Rebuild

Posted by Jamie Cameron in Curveball Blog, 30 December 2020 · 1,621 views

The day the Padres officially announced their status as contenders by officially landing Blake Snell and Yu Darvish, the Twins countered with their own power move for, *squints at notes*, Hansel Robles. Jokes aside, Twins fans should be encouraged that an initial move has been made to deepen a bullpen losing several key 2020 cornerstones. What should we m...

Let`s bring back the `87 Twins (Part 2)

Posted by Doctor Gast in Doctor Gast's Blog, 30 December 2020 · 1,390 views
87 twins, 91 twins, 65 twins and 1 more...

There is further thoughts I'd like to probe about this subject. To do this I'd like you to review this prior thread below


To summarize, the Twins began w/ pinstripes & were competitive. In '65 they won the AL Championship & went to the WS. In the 1st 2 yrs. of the start o...

Off-Season Blueprint: Punting at DH

Posted by Vanimal46 in Minnesota Twins Whine Line, 04 December 2020 · 2,515 views

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm counting the minutes until the weekend. Let's make a plan.

For this exercise, I started with Matthew Taylor's spreadsheet on Twinspayroll.com, and used $125 million as the top spending level. My goal is to fall $5-10 million under that to reflect closer to a 15% payroll discount.

When I started the exercise, I wondered how...

The Eddie Rosario Almanac

Posted by Matt Johnson in The Twins Almanac, 02 December 2020 · 2,639 views
eddie rosario

The Eddie Rosario Almanac Now that the Eddie Rosario Experience is almost certainly over, let's take a look back at some of his contributions to Twins history. This is just what appears in my Twins Almanac spreadsheet. Please contribute your own Eddie trivia, fun facts, or cool stories in the comments section. And if you're into this kind of stuff, follow me on Twitter at TwinsAl...

Prediction: The Twins are Heading to Wichita (and maybe St. Paul too)

Posted by nowheresville in One Post Blog, 14 November 2020 · 9,755 views
minors, wichita, pensacola and 1 more...

Minor League Baseball is going to see massive changes in 2021, and the Twins have already signaled that they will be among the teams seeing the biggest shakeups. There has been plenty of speculation that St. Paul will become their new AAA home, but it's my belief that whether or not that happens, the Twins will end up with a Minor League Team in Wichita,...

Milldaddy's 2021 Offseason Blueprint

Posted by milldaddy35 in Milldaddy35's Blog Area, 03 November 2020 · 3,210 views

What's up everyone? You may know me from the forums as I have created and introduced multiple game threads throughout my time spent at TwinsDaily, and have also created offseason blueprints in the past. This year is the hardest one I will have done, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it's affect on spending both on the Minnesota Twins, as well as baseba...

My Twins 2020-21 Offseason Priorities

Posted by Nate Palmer in Left Field Gap, 29 October 2020 · 3,402 views

Recently I was on Twins Daily’s Offseason Live with John Bonnes and Ted Schwerzler and discussed the Minnesota Twins payroll outlook for 2021. Most years it has been relatively easy to make an estimation on the team’s payroll but a year of COVID-19 has made it anything but easy.

While having payroll conversations, it became a quick reality that if the Tw...

What I'm Reading

Posted by Parker Hageman in Baseball Good, 23 October 2020 · 1,844 views

The Shift Is Burning Teams :

I wrote about how the Astros dismantled the Twins’ infield shift during the Wild Card series. The Ringer’s Ben Lindbergh dove in further, detailing how right-handed hitters should not receive the shift treatment:

In September, Tango took a more rigorous look. The noted sabermetrician, who now serves as MLB’s senior data a...

Laz Diaz

Posted by mnfireman in Blog mnfireman, 20 October 2020 · 1,685 views

How does this guy get selected to umpire in the WS?? And draws HP for Game 1!!

Must be outstanding in the games he umpires other than Twins games

Twins Offseason Primer 2020-21 Video Series

Posted by Tom Froemming in Get to know 'em, 11 October 2020 · 2,074 views

The Minnesota Twins have some big decisions facing them as we prepare to enter the 2020-21 MLB offseason. I ran through a few topics in a series of videos over on my YouTube channel.

Keeping Eddie Rosario | MN Twins Offseason Primer Ep. 1

What To Do Abou...

Why The Astros Should Be Confiscated From MLB, Part 1 (WCS/ALDS Edition)

Posted by TwinsFan268 in You Shouldn't Have Lost, 09 October 2020 · 1,396 views
astros, postseason 2020 and 2 more...

They cheated. They cheated. There were 23 home runs hit in the ALDS this year. The ones from the A's because they were a genuinely good team, but the ones from the Astros had to be from cheating. If you don't believe me, let me rephrase that for you. The ones from the Astros, the 29-31 Astros with a .483 winning percentage, had to be from cheating. Oh, an...