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Article: Total Support: Why Jim Pohlad's Unsatisfying...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:30 AM
For the Twins to make a serious run at a division title in 2016 with the roster they had leaving Ft. Myers, a whole lot had to break righ...

Berardino: Twins place Milone and Fien on waviers

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:30 AM
http://www.twincitie...ien-on-waivers/   Whoa.  Saw Fien coming.  Did not see Milone

Article: Twins Minor League Report (5/5): Hitting Fails,...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:14 AM
With the day off as they traveled to Chicago, the Minnesota Twins used the free time to make a series of roster moves. Mike Berardino rep...

Can Trevour Plouffe be flipped for a starting catcher?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:08 AM
Purpose of moving Plouffe is to get Sano out of the outfield which I think would improve team chemistry. Catching has been the bane of th...

19 home runs, 16 bases empty home runs

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:11 AM
I've been following this stat for a couple of weeks now and it's kinda fascinating.   The Twins are fourth in the AL with a .315 on-...



Total Support: Why Jim Pohlad's Unsatisfying Comments May Be Wise

Posted by dwade in Unkind Bounces, 06 May 2016 · 121 views
twins, terry ryan, jim pohlad and 2 more...

For the Twins to make a serious run at a division title in 2016 with the roster they had leaving Ft. Myers, a whole lot had to break right. Byron Buxton needed to take a big step forward at the plate, Joe Mauer needed to return to his old form, Phil Hughes needed to make 2016 look more like 2014 than 2015, Byung-Ho Park needed to hit the ground running, G...

The Pointlessness of Two Player Trades

Posted by Hrbowski in Hrbowski's Blog, 05 May 2016 · 167 views


Throughout the offseason and up until July 31st of the regular season, Major League Baseball teams can freely trade any player who does not have a no trade clause in his contract, making trading an aspect that is very much focused upon. In the last decade, trades h...

TwinsDaily Minor League Report (5/5): Hitting Fails, Pitching Fails Too

Posted by Eric R Pleiss in Beyond the Metrodome, 05 May 2016 · 63 views
c.k. irby, logan wade and 1 more...

TwinsDaily Minor League Report (5/5): Hitting Fails, Pitching Fails Too With the day off of baseball as they traveled to Chicago, the Minnesota Twins used the free time to make a series of roster moves. They waived Tommy Milone and Casey Fien before Thursday's game. With Ervin Santana set to return on Saturday, and Kyle Gibson making good progress on the DL and set to return as early as next week, the Twins have a chance to m...

Fixing the Twins Isn't That Complicated

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 05 May 2016 · 338 views

So this season has certainly de-escalated quickly, hasn’t it Twins fans?

Ask any group of Twins fans what went wrong and you’ll get a wide variety of responses. Of course, there’s no shortage of I-told-you-so’s going around out there, either. Haters gonna hate and nothing makes haters happier than when things go badly and they can loudly proclaim how sma...

Twins A Byproduct Of Mismanagement, Nothing Else

Posted by Off The Baggy in Off The Baggy, 05 May 2016 · 344 views

With a very much needed, but not incredibly well deserved off day, the Minnesota Twins are guaranteed not to sink further into the loss column today. Fresh off another series loss, this one ending with a 16-4 drubbing by the Houston Astros, things have completely fallen apart for Paul Molitor's squad. The problem isn't what's on his roster though, but rat...

The Twins Almanac for May 5th & 6th

Posted by Matt Johnson in The Twins Almanac, 04 May 2016 · 172 views
twins almanac, eddie rosario and 3 more...


May 5th
It’s the Birthday of Larry Hisle

It’s the birthday of Larry Hisle , born on this day in 1942 in Portsmouth, OH. The 14-year Major Leaguer played five seasons for the Twins, from 1973 to ‘77 when he hit .302 with 28 home runs and an American League-leading 119...

Twins Minor League Report (5/3): Corcino Drives In Four (Again)

Posted by Steve Lein in The Hanging SL, 03 May 2016 · 215 views

While Alex Meyer was making his first start in the Majors with the Twins on Tuesday night, three of their four full season affiliates were in action in the Minors including another former top prospect taking the hill. That pitching prospect wasn’t the one who stole the headlines on this night however, and a hitter in the Midwest League did all the heavy l...

The Hometown 9 in, "A Fistful of Baseballs"

Posted by Twins and Losses in Twins and Losses, 03 May 2016 · 146 views
oswaldo arcia, joe mauer and 3 more...

The Hometown 9 in, "A Fistful of Baseballs" Daniel and I are huge fans of the television show, “Community.” Outside of the former “Top Gear,” it’s the show we watch the most when we hang out. Since the current Minnesota Twins team is a bunch of underachieving misfits (sans Mauer, Park, and a few others), we decided to compare current and recent Twins players as some of your favorite faces at Greend...

Baseball Stats Galore - Join SABR on May 16 for Free Talk

Posted by Sarah in Blog Sarah, 01 May 2016 · 209 views

Baseball Stats Galore - Join SABR on May 16 for Free Talk “I know that guy had an extra RBI in 1954.” Minnesotan Hans van Slooten gets these inquiries daily as the primary developer for Baseball-Reference.com. The Halsey Hall chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research invites you to join us at the Roseville Library on Monday, May 16 as we welcome Hans to give a presentation on this popular site that h...

A Deeper Look at Those K's

Posted by tobi0040 in tobi0040's Blog, 25 April 2016 · 292 views

In 2009, Mark Reynolds set the single season mark with 223 strikeouts in a season. It should be noted that he hit 44 HR’s that year, had an OPS of .892 and finished 20th in the MVP voting.

Here is quick look at some Twins pace given Reynolds 662 AB’s he had in 2009:

Byron Buxton, on pace for 352 strikeouts (53.3% k rate). .497 OPS.

Miguel Sano, on p...

#ParkBlossom: The Imagined Poetry of Byung-Ho Park

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven in Peanuts from Heaven, 17 April 2016 · 490 views
byung-ho park, twins, korean and 1 more...

On perhaps the most beautiful day Minnesotans have seen in 2016, fans of the local ball club were treated to sunshine, cold beer and a dream-like state in which, we we had gone almost 48 whole hours without a loss.

But still there was unrest, muttering and snarls at the young hitters. "NOT A HOME RUN, MAUER!" when the resurgent catcher ripped a screamer...

If I told you ANY team was going to start 4 rookies....

Posted by huhguy in Blog huhguy, 15 April 2016 · 458 views

You would say? More than likely....you would say, they don't have a chance...The Twins young stars...tempted us...made us think....wow here we go...but were we Santanaized? Meaning...they looked great...for a short while..I have been concerned about Sano...since he fell off....hoping...it was the injury....but now not so sure...

I also know Rosario is...

Who would have thought?

Posted by Hambino the Great in Hambino the Great's Blog, 14 April 2016 · 271 views

The twins would be 0-9 to start the season

Mauer and Escobar would be leading the team in hits.

Nunez would have the best batting average on the team.

Mauer would have more homeruns than Sano at this point.

Starting pitching would be one of the strengths of this team.

Sure in the hell was not me. I was fairly optimistic of the Twins chances this year...

Finding Hope At 0-8

Posted by Tom Froemming in Get to know 'em, 13 April 2016 · 378 views

There isn't a whole lot you can look back at and be positive about from the Twins 0-8 start this season, but here comes the sun (do do do do). There's a string of 70-degree temperatures coming up, and things can only go up from here for the Twins.

Yes, it's lame to write about the weather, but you can't be a Minnesotan and not talk about the weather, esp...

Target Field Update

Posted by SirLoin in Rants (not Rantz), 13 April 2016 · 236 views


Target Field to be MLB's only sustainable ballpark by June 2016

From Wire Services

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The Minnesota Twins announced an initiative in conjunction with Xcel Energy to install an fully operational wind farm beyond the center field wall in Target Field. Upon opening in 2...

Game Of The Week: The First Twins Opener In Minnesota History

Posted by Michael (ClassicMNTwins) in Classic Minnesota Twins, 11 April 2016 · 305 views
1961 twins

Game Of The Week: The First Twins Opener In Minnesota History I slap you silly with Twins and Kennedy Era history, in this re-post of one of my site's favorites. Check the Classic Minnesota Twins ! blog for a disgustingly link-laden view of Met Stadium from that day, April 21, 1961.

It will answer, among others, the question "Why didn't Harmon Killebrew play in the very first regular season game ever played in Mi...


Posted by d-mac in D-mac's Blog, 11 April 2016 · 273 views
terry ryan, tom brunansky and 2 more...

At what point do changes with the FO/coaching staff get made? How much patience should we have with the status quo? This is a team that was expected to improve and contend this year. As a self admitted pessimist I always have low expectations, but this team has underperformed even my wildest nightmares. Obviously, this team will not lose every game and wi...

RealStoriesMN: The Max Bat Story

Posted by mdewolf18 in RealStoriesMN, 11 April 2016 · 219 views
video, baseball bats

As a woodworking hobbyist and a longtime baseball lover, Jim Anderson wanted a fun way to honor the birth of his first child. So, after seeing an ad for trophy bats in a mail order catalog, he decided to make one of his own.

"My friend and I made this bat," he said. "We had no idea what we were doing but w...

Twins Shut Out in the Box Score, and the Wins Column

Posted by Tyy1117 in An Aspiring Teenage Journalist, Go Twins, 10 April 2016 · 225 views
twins, royals, franchise history and 2 more...

The Twins move to 0-5 yesterday after falling 0-7 to the Royals. This was their worst loss of the season by far as they had only lost their other games by one or two runs. 0-5 is the worst start to a season in all of the time that the Twins have been in Minnesota,and Twins fans hope that the next 157 games will be the best 157 games to finish a season in...

A study on organizational minor league rankings

Posted by Jesse Lund in Jesse Lund's Blog, 07 April 2016 · 348 views

One of the fascinating aspects of ranking farm systems of every organization across baseball is that, to some level, it's kind of subjective. There's a general understanding on the level of Cubs-good-Padres-bad , but what's the real difference between each team? How do you mark the difference in system quality between, for example, Minnesota and Cleveland...

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