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Article: Ryan LaMarre Just Might Make Twins Opening Day R...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:43 PM
FORT MYERS - When the Twins signed outfielder Ryan LaMarre in late November, it was a ho-hum minor league signing. A quick look at his Ba...

Nick Gordon - 2018

Adopt A Prospect 2018 Yesterday, 11:33 PM
  Nick Gordon is a 22-year old lefty-hitting shortstop drafted fifth overall in the first round of the 2014 June amateur draft out...

Getting Ready for Game Threads

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:53 PM
It’s been great to be thinking about the daily barrage of Game Threads and Game Recaps starting up soon. I’ve been in my sort of spring t...

Article: Look Who’s Back: Twins Claim Vargas

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:13 PM
It’s been a whirlwind week for Mr. Kennys Vargas. After spending his entire career in the Twins organization, Vargas was put on waivers e...

Article: There’s Still Time to Cram Before Opening Day

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:13 PM
We here at Twins Daily have basically been previewing the 2018 season for months now. If you’ve let yourself fall behind, no need to worr...



The Finance Desk: Earnings projection for 2018

Posted by Bryan Borchardt in The Circleback Blog, 24 March 2018 · 58 views

Before we begin let me get one thing out of the way, the Twins are making money. The team is profiting and the owner is increasing his wealth by retaining ownership of the team. There is no doubt about that. As a business professional I can accept this as the way of the world and I am OK with it. However, as a fan I don’t care about earnings and wish...

2018 Minnesota Twins Opening Day Starter: Jake Odorizzi

Posted by Travis M in Travis M's Blog, 24 March 2018 · 101 views

2018 Minnesota Twins Opening Day Starter: Jake Odorizzi FORT MYERS, Fla- On Saturday afternoon the Twins Opening Day starter; Jake Odorizzi pitched on the backfields of the Twins complex against the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox. The first inning for Odorizzi was rough giving up 1 homerun that was hit by Cole Sturgeon and after that, he struck out the side. Of course, Jake did settle down for the rest of the game and...

Best Bets for the 2018 Twins

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 23 March 2018 · 503 views
minnesota twins, bovada

The Minnesota Twins come into the 2018 Major League Baseball season with high expectations. After making an appearance in the Wild Card game a season ago, Paul Molitor's club is expected to make some waves this year. Following success, this club isn't going to sneak up on anyone, and Vegas seems to be included among that bunch.

After posting a betting pr...

New Team, New Sponsorship

Posted by Twins and Losses in Twins and Losses, 21 March 2018 · 514 views
jake odorizzi, minnesota twins and 3 more...

Athletes and sponsorships go together like peanut butter and ladies. After recovering from the ultra-successful campaigns of Tinactin and Gold Bond, Odor Eaters has finally stepped out of the shadows; and one of the newest Twins’ pitchers is the benefactor.

Between the usual Sheboygan Sausage and Kwik Trip commercials this season on FSN, expect to see J...

10 Reasons to Make it to Target Field in Early April

Posted by Gavin_Sanford in Singles off the Wall , 20 March 2018 · 1,050 views

As most of us know, April in Minnesota can be brutal. Snow, sleet, and rain accompanied by cold temperatures are always a possibility early in the season. The old saying April showers bring May flowers is thrown around everywhere, but it especially rings true in Minnesota. With the Twins having a 14 game home stand beginning the first week in April, and h...

Trade and Tax - the new baseball problem

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 20 March 2018 · 454 views
trades, taxes, baseball

Trade and Tax - the new baseball problem Decades ago I worked as a tax accountant for Honeywell and National Car Rental Corporation. Taxes are complicated and state and federal laws impacted the businesses and decisions.

Baseball is an interstate commerce and has had many laws passed to protect the teams. Now the new tax law creates another obstacle with unexpected consequences that could pl...

Will Congress Screw Minor League Players Today?

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 19 March 2018 · 591 views

If you believe that maintaining the status quo in minor league baseball is important, you aren't going to like this article.


However, if you believe that some things - like simple human decency in the area of fair pay - are more important than whether or not the...

Can Ryan Pressly put it all Together?

Posted by Jamie Cameron in Curveball Blog, 18 March 2018 · 586 views
ryan pressly

Can Ryan Pressly put it all Together? *Note: This article has been updated. The previous image of Kershaw's release point was horizontal instead of vertical. This error has since been amended.

2018 is a pivotal year for Ryan Pressly. The Twins originally acquired Pressly from Boston in the 2012 Rule 5 draft. In five season in Minnesota, Pressly has oscillated between very good (2016 version)...

Updating Baseball’s Dictionary

Posted by Tom Froemming in Get to know 'em, 17 March 2018 · 466 views

Updating Baseball’s Dictionary Did you know that marine scientists are making an effort to replace the name starfish with sea star? Neither did I, but these are the kinds of things you learn when you have a toddler (who decided it’s so important to know all the animals and what sounds they make?) Anyway, maybe it’s also time for us baseballogists to review the game’s nomenclature.


How long will Sano be suspended?

Posted by ThatsRich in Critical Thinking, 14 March 2018 · 2,447 views

Miguel Sano is currently under investigation for violating the league's domestic violence policy. At last report, he had been interviewed by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred which is typically indicative that the investigation is nearing completion. Any announcement of a suspension should be coming soon. Is there any way to forecast the length of Sano's suspe...

What Needs to Happen for Joe Mauer to Be A Twin in 2019?

Posted by Andrew Thares in Rounding Third, 12 March 2018 · 890 views
rounding third, joe mauer

There is no question that Joe Mauer is one of the greatest Minnesota Twins to ever put on the uniform, and that he will one day see his number retired along with former Twins greats like Kirby Puckett and Rod Carew. Despite this, Mauer’s future as a player with the Twins after 2018 seems to be in question.

Entering 2019, Mauer will be going into his age...

Twins are better off without Yu Darvish

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in The Foul Play-by-Play Twins Blog, 12 March 2018 · 871 views
logan morrison, lance lynn and 2 more...

Twins are better off without Yu Darvish The Minnesota Twins reportedly offered Yu Darvish $100 million over four years to be the ace of their starting pitching staff. Instead, president of baseball operations Derek Falvey and general manager Thad Levine invested almost the same amount of money in three players who make them better than Darvish could have.

This was originally published at FoulP...

Weird Twins Franchise Records to Watch for This Year

Posted by dave_dw in Jason Kubel is America, 12 March 2018 · 387 views
record, mauer, vargas, history and 1 more...

Everybody loves a good record chase. Whether it's Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's asterisk-fueled home run battle of 1998 or the very non-asterisk-fueled Kansas City Royals challenging the record for most consecutive innings without scoring a run last season—a record chase is compelling.

There's a fine line, though, between fun facts and records. Fun facts...

WARNE: In an Offseason Game of Poker, Falvey and Levine Make out Like Bandits

Posted by Brandon Warne in Asking the Tough Questions, 12 March 2018 · 447 views
minnesota twins, logan morrison and 2 more...

Impatience is a natural tendency. That’s especially true for fans of a team that, despite making the postseason last year, had obvious flaws.

So in a sense, it was understandable when Minnesota Twins fans were annoyed that the team came home from the winter meetings just before Christmas with a 40-year-old closer and a broken down starter who gives up to...

Have Romero be the opening day starter

Posted by Lee-The-Twins-Fan in Lee-The-Twins-Fan's Blog, 12 March 2018 · 494 views
twins, lance lynn, gibson and 2 more...

Manager Paul Molitor has not yet named his opening day starter. I have an out-of-the-box suggestion: Fernando Romero.

Romero has not yet allowed a run - or a hit - in spring training. He's been nearly perfect.

Yes, I know, he's not expected to make the opening day roster. Here's my thinking:

• Clearly Ervin Santana cannot be the opening day starter – h...

Season Preview: Felix Jorge

Posted by Matthew Lenz in Musings from Twins Territory, 10 March 2018 · 519 views
felix jorge, season preview

Season Preview: Felix Jorge Through the 2018 Adopt-A-Prospect draft I drafted Felix Jorge with the 27th overall pick as my guy for the upcoming season. It will my objective to give you bi-weekly(ish) updates on the Twins prospect this season, but I wanted to start by providing some background information and project what we might see from him in the 2018 season.

Felix De...

Don McCormack, Tino Martinez, Lance Lynn and the 75th Pick

Posted by jorgenswest in Blog jorgenswest, 10 March 2018 · 846 views
alex cobb, lance lynn

Note: Thanks to spycake, I know now that we will forfeit pick 95. Even better. Only 2 players of 53 with significant careers. Amos Otis and Dave Cash. Addison Reed and his 6.8 WAR checks in as the third most successful pick 95.

What is the 75th pick in the draft worth? If the Twins sign Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn they would forfeit this pick. How much shoul...

Why Do We Care About Launch Angle?

Posted by Parker Hageman in Baseball Good, 09 March 2018 · 1,116 views
launch angle, max kepler and 1 more...

By now, you are probably sick of hearing the words “launch angle”. I assure you, you are not alone.

On a recent spring training broadcast, Twins radio announcer Dan Gladden noted that more teams are “teaching launch angles ” but the practice has been out for several years. However, you know if Gladden is talking about it then the concept has certainly go...

Union files revenue sharing grievance against MLB

Posted by beckmt in Views from the road, 27 February 2018 · 494 views

According to the Tampa Bay Times the Baseball players union has filed a grievance against teams for not spending their revenue sharing money. According to the rules, revenue sharing is supposed to be used to help clubs spend money on making their product better. This can be either major or minor leagues or other costs related to putting a better product...

2018 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: Summary 1-60 and Organizational Overview

Posted by Thrylos in Thrylos' Blog - select Tenth Inning Stretch posts, 26 February 2018 · 482 views

Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch
This is the last segment in the 2018 Twins top 60 prospect list. You can find the introductory segment that discusses qualifications to be on this list and presents the players who were on the 2017 list but are not in this list here . You can find the list of the previous rankings here: 56-60 , 55-51...

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