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Game thread: vs Jays, 2/23@12:05pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:47 PM
Great day for a game! Talk it up if you’re watching/listening!

2019/2020 Twins Minor League Signings

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 01:37 PM
This is a forum to update Twins minor league signings (and can be where we post Twins minor league free agents that signed elsewhere)....

Reports: Romero to Miss Most or All of Spring Training

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:46 PM
Disappointing news today via LaVelle E. Neal III of the Star Tribune: The Twins are anticipating that Fernando Romero will miss most...

Target Field Ranked #7 in MLB in Craft Beer Offerings

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:14 PM
Great article in the Athletic:   https://theathletic....beer-offerings/   Even at #7, we're only 4th in our division.Tigers are...

Astros Being Investigated for Using Tech to Steal Pitchin...

Other Baseball Today, 12:29 PM
I can no longer say I want the Twins to emulate the Astros. Bush league maneuver to use cameras in order to steal signs.



Changing the MLB Draft

Posted by rogrulz30 in "And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.", 23 February 2020 · 112 views

Changing the MLB Draft As I have the opportunity to watch Spring Training Baseball and watching all of the future MN Twins and future MLB players it got me thinking about the MLB Draft. Seems like an odd time to talk about the 2020 MLB draft, since that takes place on June 10th. The Twins have the 22nd selection this year and there are 40 rounds to draft more future players....

The Astros: Stealing Signs, Series, and Some of My Time.

Posted by Axel Kohagen in Blog Axel Kohagen, 23 February 2020 · 244 views

The Houston Astros.

The team downplayed it. The commissioner spoke on it. The other players weighed in, some enraged at the cheaters, some enraged at the snitchers. Clearly baseball needs another bulky white man’s opinion, but I’ve had difficulty decided exactly how I feel about it.
I went with “smug” first, typing out a bratty lil piece about wishing th...

A Tortoise or the Rake? Minnesota’s Final Player

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 19 February 2020 · 1,791 views
minnesota twins, jake cave and 1 more...

My last Opening Day roster projection (version 2.0 ) was put out on February 10th. Not much has changed since then, and I feel good about what I came up with. The end of the position players come down to a two-way battle in my mind, and that would be between The Turtle and Rake Cave.

After jumping into relevance during 2018, Astudillo came back to earth...

Commissioner IQ test

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 18 February 2020 · 574 views
manfred, landis, frick, ueberroth

Commissioner IQ test Sunday, Manfred described the Commissioner’s Trophy, the statue awarded to each season’s champion, as a “piece of metal.” Could this errant statement put him in line to be another victim of the scandal?

We have had some good ones like A. Bartlett Giamatti, Fay Vincent, and Peter Ueberroth and we have a mix of mediocre and bad. Here is a summary going to...

Taking A Look At MLB's Projected 2020 Standings

Posted by TwinsFan268 in Minnesota Baseball Revealed!, 16 February 2020 · 2,157 views

Yesterday, MLB released their projected standings on Twitter, and while the American League looked very close to last year, the National League was a little different. Since the playoffs are going to be the same next year, I'm going to take a look at what this means for us.

Now, MLB placed the Twins atop the AL Central, 7 games ahead of last year's compe...

Comparing the 1927 Yankees Lineup to the 2020 Twins

Posted by Andrew Luedtke in Thoughts from The Catch, 14 February 2020 · 1,104 views
bomba squad, lineup, 2020 twins and 1 more...

Comparing the 1927 Yankees Lineup to the 2020 Twins We’ve done it, Twins fans. We’ve officially made it to Spring Training! Baseball games at Target Field will be played before we know it.

As the team assembles in Ft. Myers, some of the burning questions that will assuredly be asked of Rocco Baldelli are “Who will be hitting leadoff?” or “What will the batting order be?”

It’s a fun exercise as a fan beca...

[ES] How does a Venezuelan girl become a Twins fan? (Part 1)

Posted by Twinternationals in Twinternationals, 14 February 2020 · 684 views

[ES] How does a Venezuelan girl become a Twins fan? (Part 1) Welcome to Twinternationals ! This is a space for Twins fans from different countries to read about their team in their native language. This section is run by Venezuelan Mariana Guzmán (@TwinsLatinos ) and Brazilian Thiéres Rabelo (@TwinsBrasil ).

Por Mariana Guzmán

¡Venezolana y fanática de los Twins!

Sí, esa es parte de mi historia. Nací y crecí en...

Baseball Is Staying In Beloit

Posted by Daniel Venn in Down on the Farm, 11 February 2020 · 672 views

The history of baseball in Beloit will not end after the 2020 season, but that’s nothing new.

For the past four years, Quint and Rishy Studer, both from just up highway 51 in Janesville, have worked diligently to ensure that baseball remains in Beloit.

It is of great credit that the Snappers Community Board has kept baseball in place in Beloit, and thei...

Kenta Maeda Trade V2 - How The Twins Struck A Better Deal

Posted by TwerkTwonkTwins in Ryan Stephan's Twinpinions, 10 February 2020 · 2,537 views
kenta maeda, luke raley and 2 more...

The three-team mega blockbuster involving the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers is finally complete.

At this point, most Twins fans are aware of what happened - a deal was in place on February 4th, sending Graterol to Boston as part of the return for offloading Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers. However, that soon changed...

Bye Bye Beloit?

Posted by JeromeTyleski in Diamond Dollars, 09 February 2020 · 788 views
beloit snappers, contraction

How much would you pay for a team that may not be around next year? If you’re Quint Studer, apparently $9 million is a good market value.

In September, that’s what Studer reportedly paid for the Beloit Snappers of the low-A Midwest League. According to Ballpark Digest, much of that sale price will be put back into efforts to build a new stadium, which th...

Who needs some Spring Training Tickets for the first week's games?

Posted by tarheeltwinsfan in tarheeltwinsfan's Blog, 09 February 2020 · 283 views

My wife and I have had to cancel our annual trip to Ft. Myers this year due to health problems. We have 2 tickets to each of the first 4 home games: Home opener with the Blue Jays, The Red Sox, the Phillies and a second game with the Red Sox. The seats are all on the 3rd base side in the lowest level, most near an aisle and most near the top of the lower...

Minnesota Twins: Don't take the Red Sox "sucka" deal

Posted by billyp4444 in Ports on Sports Blog, 09 February 2020 · 423 views

It was all worked out. The Twins, Dodgers and Red Sox were all satisfied. The Twins receiving the solid 3rd pitcher they needed in Kenta Maeda. The Red Sox were dumping heavy salary for rising prospects. The Dodgers were going all in on the win now season. Than the Red Sox got either embarrassed, cold feet or greedy. The excuse that they didn't know Twins...

What could have scared the Boston Red Sox?

Posted by Lucas Seehafer PT in Minnesota Twins Health and Performance: A Blog by Lucas Seehafer PT, 08 February 2020 · 1,519 views
brusdar graterol, boston red sox and 2 more...

What could have scared the Boston Red Sox? For all intents and purposes, it appears as if the mega-deal involving the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers is dead. At least as it was initially constructed.

To quickly recap: Los Angeles would have received outfielder Mookie Betts and pitcher David Price from the Red Sox, Boston would have received outfielder Alex Verdugo from t...

Keeping Graterol, Acquiring Maeda Should Be the Twins' Goal

Posted by Nash Walker in The Special Season, 08 February 2020 · 1,326 views

Keeping Graterol, Acquiring Maeda Should Be the Twins' Goal In a bizarre and frustrating twist, the Red Sox are staunchly refusing to get anything less than Graterol (and more) from the Twins. It just ain’t gonna work with Boston, Falvine.

Kenta Maeda, with his underrated toolbox, would look great in Minnesota. Since his rookie season in 2016, Maeda ranks second to Max Scherzer among all pitchers with at least 1,...

Why all the questions about Twins pitching?

Posted by Supfin99 in Supfin99's Blog, 06 February 2020 · 913 views

I just read the ESPN article about possible super teams or teams that will win 100 games. The locks listed were the Yankees, Astros and Dodgers. In the American League the Rays were the teams listed as the Prime Contender and the wild cards were the Twins and the Angels. The fact that we were listed with the Angels, a team that won 72 games last year,...

Opinion/Rant: Don't Give Another Dime for Maeda

Posted by Cody Pirkl in All Things Twins, 06 February 2020 · 2,950 views

Opinion/Rant: Don't Give Another Dime for Maeda Late last night we heard rumblings of a deal held up due to a questionable physical between the players exchanged with the Dodgers, Red Sox and Twins. This morning we found this to be true, as Ken Rosenthal confirmed. The deal is currently in limbo, as we wait to find out the next step between the teams exchanging Mookie Betts, David Price, Kenta Maeda an...

Fool me thrice...what do the Twins know that forced the Graterol trade

Posted by sthpstm in Postma Posts, 05 February 2020 · 1,293 views

The trade of Brusdar Graterol has brought a lot of emotions and grand presumptions from fans and commentators. Unfortunately, most of the reactions, assumptions and presumptions of this trade are wrong.
Stick with me here, but the Twins HAD to trade Graterol and in doing so this organization has FINALLY sold high on a prospect. All we have to do is look a...

DOM Day 2020 #TwinsDaily

Posted by DerektheDOM in DerektheDOM's Blog, 05 February 2020 · 548 views

DOM Day 2020 #TwinsDaily Its been a long time since I've sat down to cook up some morale. To make a long story as short as possible, I plan to write a lot throughout this 2020 season. This is something that I love to do, and that's an understatement. When I started doing this last year, I tried to not overdue it. Unfortunately that ended up with me shying away too much. The feedb...

Bet On It! Part 2

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 31 January 2020 · 1,649 views

A couple of weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Minnesota Twins signing free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson, I checked in with sportsbooks at William Hill and Elite to see what effect the addition of the Bringer of Rain was having on the oddsmakers' views of the Twins' chances of winning their Division, the American League Pennant and the World Series...

Starting Pitcher Analysis: Lewis Thorpe

Posted by RDLARK in You Can Read This For Free, 30 January 2020 · 1,543 views
pitching, thorpe, starters and 2 more...

Okay, time to take a look at Lewis Thorpe. This is, afterall, the reason we all woke up this morning, right? Thankfully for all involved, we can skip the lengthy preamble and just get into the analysis.
Like Dobnak, whom I covered in this space last week, Thorpe made his MLB debut for the Twins last season (though he started the year off in AAA, whereas D...

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