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Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/21): Lewis Perfect....

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:59 PM
The Twins bullpen left all of their scoreless appearances in Puerto Rico. One former first-round pick flourishes while another struggled...

Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/20): Bobbleheads An...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:56 PM
Finally! A full night in the Minnesota Twins organization. Not only did the Twins play, but all four of their affiliates played as well....

Roster Decision

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:36 PM
The Twins have 13 pitchers and 9 relievers with Busenitz replacing Buxton on the roster. It doesn’t seem that the roster construction is...

T-Wolves 2018 Postseason Thread

Minnesota Timberwolves Talk Today, 08:53 PM
It has been my great privilege to initiate a thread with this title. Fleeting as it may be.

Article: MIN 1, TB 8: Snell Stifles Twins Bats

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:31 PM
It was a rough night for the Minnesota Twins, as they were walloped 10-1 by the Tampa Bay Rays. For the better part of seven innings, thi...

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