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Twins Trade Targets

Posted by LA VIkes Fan , 11 July 2017 · 2,675 views

trades neshek blevins joseph
It's that time of year and our favorite team is actually in contention for a playoff spot. Whether you think that contention is real or not, it's always fun now to speculate about trades the Twins may make before the trade deadline. I looked online and there isn't a lot out there regarding the Twins so I thought I would start a thread here and ask people to post what the read and ask for comments. The only rule is to try to stay somewhat "realistic" - no posting that we should trade Park and an A ball lottery ticket for Yu Darvish.

With that I, I would start by identifying the areas of need. The two most obvious areas also the two most expensive, starting pitching and relief pitching. I also think by a Right Handed hitting DH/1B type would really help this lineup, even better if that person can also play outfield. So, to start things off, here are my three initial thoughts reserving my right to change my mind or add others later:

1. Addison Reed or Jerry Blevins, RP (Mets). Both are reportedly available and the Mets are willing to trade them for position prospects rather than pitching prospects. Let's face it, we simply don't have surplus pitching to trade. Both are free agents after this year. Reed is 28, right handed closer, would probably cost us a AA or AAA prospect like Palka, Wade or Murphy. Blevins is the classic soft tossing successful LH reliever and maybe could be had for a A ball prospect type or a blocked/failed/"needs a change of scenery" type like Murphy or Palka.

2. Pat Neshek, RP (phillies). For all of the reasons stated elsewhere he would be a good pickup. He is 36, but might be willing to stay in Minnesota after this year. Probably would only cost one prospect with some upside - maybe Murphy, Goodrum, Levi Michael or Luke Bard? Or maybe a 2 man combination without including Bard?

3. Tommy Joseph or Howie Kendrick (Phillies) - Joseph is a RH power bat with a career .255/.310/.486 line and is 25. The Phillies have a big prospect in the minors they want to bring up and he's supposedly in play. He could be a good fit as the RH DH and Mauer backup with better short and long term prospects than Vargas. I think he's worth trading a Granite or Murphy for and throwing in an A ball player. Kendrick is 33, always been a good hitter (although now is on the DL just ready to start a rehab game) and can hit. He's a decent 2B, decent OF and could be that RH DH we need. Hopefully available for a prospect with upside that's still a ways away.

Well, those are my initial thoughts on realistic targets. I tried to stay away from players like Sonny Gray, Brad Hand, Dee Gordon and Jose Quintana because I think they will require a King's ransom and I don't think the Twins are good enough or deep enough to justify that move. Neshek may also fall into that category but I think his age will lower the price. What are your thoughts? Might as well have fun with this during july.

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With the Twins signing colon, im happy if we just add a reliever. You do point out some goood low cost hitters though.
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SF Twins Fan
Jul 11 2017 12:00 PM

Ken Rosenthal‏Verified account @Ken_Rosenthal18m18 minutes ago
Sources: #Twins checking on controllable starters. List would include Quintana, Gray, as well as someone like Straily (control through ’20).



Ken Rosenthal just tweeted the above.

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I think you're underestimating the cost on the rental RP market.

LA VIkes Fan
Jul 11 2017 12:56 PM

You may be right, particularly for Reed and Nesheck. I don't think either is worth more so I'm hopeful that prices will come down closer to the deadline and after the Astros and Yankees make their moves. 

Rhino and Compass
Jul 11 2017 10:55 PM

Given the Twins' asserted desire for a long term prospect, I'm not sure how likely a low cost relief rental would be, especially if they are dedicated to that SP move. If a trade like that comes down, it's likely to blow the pants off anything we are contemplating right now. The Twins haven't made a big move yet with the new FO, so it's hard to conceptualize their thought processes. 

Why give up anything for a rental player. Be patient this year and sign a couple of them as FA. Spend money, not talent!

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Jul 12 2017 07:59 PM

Let's see how the Twins do through a stretch facing the Astros, Yankees and Dodgers. If they come out of that stretch over .500 and within 4 games of first place, then think about adding a Shadrach, Neshek or Abednego - or Sonny or Cher. Otherwise, look to trade Santana, Kintzler . . .  Load up on young prospects to ensure future success- I'd like a winning team for the next ten years rather than a single Wild Card game this year.

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Remember, the Indians and Royals will also be looking at ways to upgrade, as the division is ripe for taking. 

Jul 13 2017 02:04 AM

I'm hoping Falvey and Levine make a couple trades.  I'd like to see the direction they'll go:  


Is there a remote chance the Twins are competing for the division?

In their view, is an addition of 1 or 2 upside pitchers going to put them over the top?

Or are we looking at another couple years for sustainable success?


I'm somewhere in the middle.  I think it'll shake out in the 2nd half.


P.S.  at the very least, I'd like so see them pursue Neshek.  It's reported he's available for a lessor MiLB talent.  And, let's face it:  who wants to see more of Belisle?