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Nik Turley draws 80 game suspension

Posted by beckmt , 28 January 2018 · 764 views

nik turley
According to MLB Traderumors Nik Turley has been give an 80 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. Nik Turley is now a Pirate having been claimed from the Twins late last year. Drug in question was Ipamorelin.

Hosken Bombo Disco
Jan 28 2018 05:15 PM
Performance enhancing, they say?
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SubQ shot. He can't claim it was an accident unless he found a doctor to precribe it for mood elevation. He has reasons to be of low mood.

Ipamorelin allows faster recover from workouts, doesn't put on the fat while adding mass. In that respect it would have the potential to enhance performance

Hosken Bombo Disco
Jan 28 2018 10:14 PM

He has reasons to be of low mood.

don't we all