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Star Tribune says Hughes to start Sunday

Posted by beckmt , 20 April 2018 · 616 views

Lavalle article claims Hughes will be recalled to start Sunday, and the rest of the starters will pitch the 4 game series in NY.
I wonder if Hildenburger gets optioned out or Twins cut their Rule 5 draft pick(which would have made this a very bad winter on FO moves for relief pitchers).
I guess the big contract means they will have to look and see if Hughes has enough stuff to survive in the majors any more. Still given the Twins margin of error this year, hate to see games lost if Hughes cannot do it. Too few teams trying to win and most of them have decent clubs. Though at this time it looks like at most 8 clubs for the 5 postseason berths.
TB, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, KC, Texas, and Oakland look like non contenders at this time. And Toronto might be marginal.

The Twins should send out Hildenberger and keep the lefty Moya for now. They are already plus+ one in the bullpen and could make another cut down the line when Buxton returns.


Hopefully we can get a few decent starts from Hughes before the Ervin Santana decision needs to be made.


Please keep him on a short leash if you see him in trouble.


(Of course, we want to say that about any starter).

Hosken Bombo Disco
Apr 20 2018 09:08 AM
Good luck to him
    • dbminn likes this
Apr 20 2018 10:56 AM


Honestly I'm just glad it's taken this long for Hughes to even get a start. Hopefully we won't have to endure his poor pitching for too long.