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Article: What To Do With Logan Forsythe?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:50 AM
On July 31, the Twins traded popular second baseman Brian Dozier to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a deal that had been in the works for roug...

Article: DET 7, MIN 5: Stewart Bombs Second Audition

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Kohl Stewart made his second big league start Saturday night at Target Field. It didn’t go so well. The lineup flexed its muscles, sockin...

Gonsalves Gets the Call

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:50 AM
He will be taking Erv's spot in the rotation and starting on Monday. Good luck!

Kohl Stewart: An idea very few will like

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:42 AM
I felt bad for the kid. His major league career just hasn't started very well and it sure looked like a severe case of nerves. ...

Game Thread: Twins vs. Tigers 1:10pm cdt 8/19/2018 ad

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Waiting around to march in a parade, i see a lack of game thread... So for old time's sake: Things to think about. 1. Winning. Don't alwa...


Terry Ryan-- a baseball lifer

Posted by Lefty74 , 05 September 2017 · 620 views

Recently spent 3 days outside of Cleveland watching Midwest League games between Lake County Captains and Lansing Lugnuts. Sitting behind home plate the first evening I glanced to my right and did a double take. There with a stopwatch in his left hand and radar gun in right was Terry Ryan. Watching him work gave me an appreciation of the hard work he puts in when watching a game. He had an 8.5 x 14" sheet for each team and he was evaluating every player. Every pitch he put the gun down and wrote something on one of the sheets.

I approached him in between innings the first night and mentioned the fact I was from MN and a huge Twins fan. We talked for maybe 5 minutes. I told him he must be proud of the fact that many of the players performing so well were drafted during his tenure. He quickly said something to the effect that "many were involved" and "last year was so tough, really happy to see the success". He also received a call from a Twins employee while we were talking; he clearly still has strong connections to the org.

Terry stayed at every game until the bitter end, writing on his sheets after every pitch. There are typically 5 or more scouts at all these games. Watching them work it was clear Terry takes his craft very seriously. Saturday, after the series ended, my wife and I were at the airport at 6:30am ready to head back to MN. I looked up and Terry was making his way over. We talked for awhile about many things and my last comment to him was, "well at least you get to go home for a 3 day weekend." His reply, "oh no, when I get to MN I'm grabbing a car and heading to Beloit to power scout a series this weekend"!! I just laughed and thought, yep he's a baseball man and lifer!

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Fun story. Thanks for sharing.

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Wonderful blog... thank you for sharing!!