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Too Early to Trade?

Posted by PintoWF , 18 May 2016 · 1,375 views

trevor plouffe minnesota twins eduardo escobar eduardo nunez max kepler
Too Early to Trade? The Minnesota Twins are just 38 games into the 2016 season but it already appears to be a lost cause. If that is the case, the next step for the Twins is to start shopping around some of their veterans. Problem is the Twins don't have many veterans. Or, at least, good veterans.

There are a couple of names that come to mind but the one that everyone likes to talk about is Trevor Plouffe. A soon-to-be 30-year-old third baseman playing in his seventh year at the Major League level.

An above-average defensive player and a guy with some pop in his bat. Would be perfect for a team in need of a right-handed hitter they could use in a platoon system. He could also prove beneficial to a playoff contenting team down the stretch.

You can use him at first base if need be and wouldn't be a terrible option for your number five or six hitter. The contract is friendly enough and wouldn't be a long-term option for a team that is just in need of a rental.

The Twins have to be smart about their asking price. Their biggest issue is pitching. All of the pitching. Starters. Relief. Whatever. They need help. What would a guy like Plouffe garner in return? That's the question. The answer is all about timing.

Trading now seems sensible if you're reacting to the losing emotionally. Make way for Miguel Sano at his natural position and allow for a guy like Max Kepler to have more playing time at the Major League level.

Bring in some pitching prospects, let them develop in the minors and boom. You're set.

In reality, it is too soon. You have to wait this out. You need to be able to play off the desperation of teams.

It's like shopping for groceries. When go shopping after you have had a big meal, you're less likely to make odd purchases. You're not going to buy the new flavor of Oreo cookies. You're just not feeling it.

When you go shopping for groceries hungry well... Who knows what you fill that cart with.

Odd analogy, I know, but one that works in this situation. Make sure these teams are hungry and overpay for something they feel the need for right.

This is a year the Twins need to be sellers. Major sellers. Clean house of guys like Plouffe and the Eduardo's (Escobar and Nunez) to make way for the future. Allow the young guys like Kepler and Jorge Polanco to get their feet wet at the major league level.

Trading now would most likely not bring you something good in return.

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