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GAME THREAD: 8/30/20 Minnesota Twins VS Houston Astros, 1...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:13 PM
Alright Twins fans, we already know what has happened in the past. 17 losses in a row, and it feels like even more somehow. The longest l...

Ring us on +1-443-267-1177 Cash App Pos Support Number (...

Other Baseball Today, 11:57 AM
Growing up in Concord, it wasn't unusual to find Frank Allocco Jr. sitting in the stands at Clayton Valley CASH APP boys basketbal...

Want to know the most infuriating thing about this 17 gam...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:55 AM
It just occurred to me, having watched every one of these 17 atrocities called baseball games, that the Twins almost always started stron...

2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 11:34 AM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!

2020 Twins Transactions

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:10 PM
There haven't been many yet, but I'll start this today...   The Twins just announced that Zack Littell (hamstring) has been placed o...

Pinto's Perspective


Mid-Season *Cough* Awards

Posted by PintoWF , 05 July 2016 · 1,605 views
terry ryan, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Mid-Season *Cough* Awards The first 81 games for the Minnesota Twins were dreadful. A mere 27 wins, the worst record in baseball, is the result of bad pitching, hitting and just really, really bad baseball.

Usually the mid-way point of a season gives us, the fans, a time to reflect and think of the positive things. Things we believe the team can build on moving forward.

Nope! No...


Develop A Catcher

Posted by PintoWF , 17 June 2016 · 1,774 views
joe mauer, kurt suzuki, catcher and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
Develop A Catcher The Minnesota Twins have the worst team ERA in the American League and their starters combined ERA, 5.59, is over a full run higher than the league average.

As I have said before, there is no real help in sight.

The same can be said for the catching situation.

Past Kurt Suzuki, in his third year as a Twin, the orginization has nothing promising. The b...


Will It Be Okay?

Posted by PintoWF , 10 June 2016 · 2,205 views
eddie rosario, miguel sano and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Will It Be Okay? Despair is a tough feeling to rebound from once you've felt it as badly as Twins fans have felt it this season.

The sky is falling. There is no hope. Nothing good on the horizon. It is like we've put The Walking Dead on repeat.

I'm not going to go Patrick Reusse on the bit because I couldn't say it much better than he did.

I just want someone to tell...


Needed: Swagger

Posted by PintoWF , 25 May 2016 · 1,266 views
torii hunter, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Needed: Swagger Sunday, May 22 was just another day where the Minnesota Twins lost during the 2016 season. It was a 3-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. What made this loss stand out was Toronto's Josh Donaldson.

Donaldson launched a first-inning home run off of Phil Hughes. As he crossed home plate, he seemed to stare into the Twins dugout. This stemming from an issue t...


Too Early to Trade?

Posted by PintoWF , 18 May 2016 · 1,418 views
trevor plouffe, minnesota twins and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Too Early to Trade? The Minnesota Twins are just 38 games into the 2016 season but it already appears to be a lost cause. If that is the case, the next step for the Twins is to start shopping around some of their veterans. Problem is the Twins don't have many veterans. Or, at least, good veterans.

There are a couple of names that come to mind but the one that everyone likes...