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A (pretty accurate) look at the seedings

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:23 PM
Going into the final weekend of the season, the eight-team AL field is nearly set, though no team is locked into its seed. Here's what I...

The Robes

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:12 PM
It’s hokey, but I don’t think the fact that Donaldson gifted everyone on the team their own robes, and they have turned it into a “thing”...

GAME THREAD 9/25/20 Twins vs. Reds 7:10 CDT.

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:15 PM
The Twins are in 1st place. The offense is starting to find itself. Edwar Colina is up with the big league squad. Is there anything else...

Relevant magic numbers with tiebreakers accounted for

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 07:58 PM
After the games of 9/22:   TB over Min: 2 CWS over Min: 4 Oak over Min: 5 Min over Cle: 2 Min over NYY: 4

The Perfect Length of a Baseball Season?

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:36 PM
So Twitter got me thinking... What's the perfect length of baseball season? And then what's the perfect playoffs to be paired with that s...

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First and only game at the Met

Posted by tshide , 17 February 2015 · 1,979 views
twins, carew, white sox
Community Blog Post
First and only game at the Met Originally posted at IowaTwinsFan.com .

It was 1977, Jimmy Carter had just become president. New York City celebrated the opening of the World Trade Center and suffered through a 25-hour black out in the middle of a hot summer. Two guys named Steve (Jobs and Wozniak) gave us the Apple II computer. The Vikings were beaten by the Raiders in the Super Bowl...


Carew to Puckett to Hunter to Perkins

Posted by tshide , 13 June 2014 · 781 views

Community Blog Post
Originally posted at IowaTwinsFan.com

Through my forty plus years following the Twins I have off and on had one player that stood out as my favorite. As I've grown older the reason for a player earning the designation of "favorite Twin" has evolved.

The Carew Era - When I was a young baseball fan

When I first tuned the radio to the Twins in the 7...


Twins Photos from 2013

Posted by tshide , 22 April 2014 · 463 views

Community Blog Post
This link will take you to Twins photos I took in 2013:



My Twins Mt. Rushmore

Posted by tshide , 22 April 2014 · 531 views

Community Blog Post
Originally posted at http://iowatwinsfan....ns-mt-rushmore/

Back in 2002 I traveled to Mt. Rushmore for the first time, since then I've always imagined what four faces I would put in a Twins Mt. Rushmore. So I'm going to give it a shot here. Unfortunately Minnesota does not have a suitable mountain to carve out four faces like we have in South Da...



Posted by tshide , 22 April 2014 · 411 views

Community Blog Post
Hello all

I've created a new Twins blog at www.iowatwinsfan.com . Let me know what you think, I'm new to this so I would appreciate any comments and advice.

Thanks and Go Twins