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Potential rule change: require different DH for each pitcher

Other Baseball Today, 01:21 PM
I just read this potential rule change on Twitter and I am intrigued:   https://twitter.com/...4091739136?s=20     For th...

White Sox make changes

Other Baseball Today, 01:05 PM
Both Manager Rick Rentaria and pitching coach Don Cooper were let go.     Was a bit surprised by this, because the White S...

Nelson Cruz wants 2 years

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:31 AM

Target Field Tax Status

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:35 AM
Been reading about all the losses (alleged or not) that MLB has (and maybe will again) taken with the pandemic, and wondered how the tax...

What to do with Lewis Thorpe?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:05 PM
Lewis Thorpe is out of options. The Twins either need to keep him on the MLB team as their 5th starter or as a reliever out of the bullpe...


Off Day Video Dump

Posted by Tom Froemming , 21 September 2020 · 774 views

I've had a lot on my mind as we head into the 2020 MLB postseason, and have been sharing my thoughts over on my YouTube channel. This short season resulted in the playoffs sneaking up on me, but I found some time to get things off my chest. First up ...

ATTN: Pissy Twins Fans

Yes, I'm calling you out!!! This was recorded shortly after the White Sox series, and I was fed up with the way a lot of Twins fans were throwing shade at the White Sox while also dumping on the Twins at the same time.

Twins vs. Yankees AGAIN!?!?!?

Losing that series to the White Sox made it highly likely the Twins would face the Yankees in the playoffs. That, of course, created a sense of dread across Twins Territory. I'll admit that was also my first impression, but after thinking about it awhile my perspective changed.

The Regular Season Doesn't Matter

This is especially true in 2020, but the regular season doesn't really matter. It doesn't. It's all about October. How this Twins season will be remembered depends on how they perform in the playoffs.

Bullpen Analysis Extravaganza!

In this one, I just took about 20 minutes to share some statistics and opinions on the Twins' bullpen, which is one of the better units in all of baseball. Still, Taylor Rogers' turbulence has created a degree of uncertainty. How are things going to shake out heading into the postseason?

If you're interested in more Twins coverage over on YouTube, click this link to subscribe to my channel. While you're at it, check out Twins Daily's channel, where you can find the Postgame Pint live stream after every Twins game.

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