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Top 10 Twins Starting Pitching Performances of 2019

Posted by Tom Froemming , 01 October 2019 · 1,125 views

The 2019 Minnesota Twins season was highlighted by the most prolific home run hitting lineup of all time, but in this video I took a look back at the best starts the team got from its rotation. Here are the top 10 performances as ranked by Game Score Version 2.

Here's some background information on Game Score Version 2.0, if you're interested. Below is the list, see the video above for more information, analysis and highlights.

10. Jose Berrios at TOR 5/7 81 Game Score 2.0
9. Jake Odorizzi vs. HOU 4/29 81 Game Score 2.0
8. Jose Berrios vs. WAS 9/10 82 Game Score 2.0
7. Martin Perez at TOR 5/6 85 Game Score 2.0
6. Martin Perez vs. HOU 5/1 85 Game Score 2.0
5. Jake Odorizzi vs. DET 5/10 87 Game Score 2.0
4. Jose Berrios vs. BOS 6/17 87 Game Score 2.0
3. Jose Berrios at MIA 7/31 91 Game Score 2.0
2. Kyle Gibson vs. KCR 6/14 92 Game Score 2.0
1. Jose Berrios vs. CLE 3/28 92 Game Score 2.0

As explained in the video, I wanted to use an unbiased evaluation for this list, a concrete number, but I broke any ties. It didn't get any better than Opening Day, according to this methodology, but I have some of my own opinions (as I'm sure you do as well, feel free to leave a comment).

I think Berrios' start against Boston was the best of the season, which is a bit ironic because it was the only outing on this list in which the pitcher was credited with an earned run. The Twins also lost that game 2-0. Jose struck out 10 batters, did not issue a walk, threw 76.1% of his pitches for strikes, got 21 swinging strikes in that outing and was also 20/28 on first-pitch strikes. Pretty incredible.

I was a bit surprised Michael Pineda didn't crack the list, though he was more consistent from start-to-start than brilliant in any given outing. His highest Game Score 2.0 on the season was 73, but he had 12 starts of 60+. Gibson, in comparison, only cracked a 60 Game Score 2.0 eight times.

If I were to make my own list, Devin Smeltzer's MLB debut (6 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 7 K vs. MIL) would definitely make the cut. With a Game Score 2.0 of 79, however, he just missed this list. Another outing I'd boost considering the context is Jake Odorizzi's start at Yankee Stadium in early May (6 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 8 K), though that was only good enough for a Game Score 2.0 of 74. Hopefully Odo can repeat that performance in the ALDS ...

Seeing Perez on this list twice is a reminder of how truly dominant that cutter his first couple starts of the year. Also a reminder of how quickly hitters figured it out and how he finished on the downward slope he did.

Odorizzii beating Verlander 1-0 and the Dobnak starts stick out to me.