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Game Thread: Twins @ Angels 7:07 PM PST (9:07 PM CST) 5/...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:37 PM
I got up this morning, thrilled the Twins swept a three game series from Seattle.   Then, someone whispered in my ear and said, "Bla...

Article: Twins Daily Community Report 5/12-5/18

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:36 PM
Time is short, but there are a number of small developments in Twins Daily’s community as stories, interaction and new visitors all seem...

Article: Episode 427: Next Man Up

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:25 PM
Aaron and John talk about Nelson Cruz and Mitch Garver getting hurt, Miguel Sano and Willians Astudillo taking their place, calling up Lu...

CRON! Just a little appreciation thrown his way.

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:15 PM
Going to fully admit I knew very little about C.J. before the Twins signed him. I did what a lot of us did, look up his career numbers an...

Article: Let’s Talk About Byron Buxton’s Swing

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:23 PM
There’s something amazing about Byron Buxton at the plate this season.Data confirms your suspicions that Buxton is indeed hitting the bal...

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Eduardo Escobar Is Back To His Old Approach, Back To The Bench

Posted by Tom Froemming , 17 August 2016 · 1,432 views
eduardo escobar
Community Blog Post
Heading into this season, it appeared Eduardo Escobar had cemented himself as the Twins' starting shortstop. He'd put together two-straight above average offensive seasons and ended his 2015 season with a big exclamation point. With a poor showing thus far in 2016, however, Escobar's place on the team is now very much in question.

Escobar performed admir...


Twins Could Have New GM By Mid-Sept., Tampa's Chaim Bloom A Candidate?

Posted by Tom Froemming , 12 August 2016 · 2,074 views

Community Blog Post
The Twins have been very under the radar in their search for a new general manager, but could the team be in a position to announce a new hire before the end of the 2016 season? Recent remarks from Star Tribune reporter Phil Miller certainly make that sound like a real possibility.

Miller joined host Michael Rand on the most recent episode of the Star Tr...


Hector "Houdini" Santiago: New Pitcher Excels With Runners On

Posted by Tom Froemming , 02 August 2016 · 1,023 views
hector santiago
Community Blog Post
In the wake of the Twins acquiring Hector Santiago from the Angels, some have questioned how big of an upgrade he'll be over Ricky Nolasco, mainly pointing to Nolasco's vastly superior numbers in terms of FIP (fielding independent pitching). While the peripheral stats may be in Nolasco's favor, they don't tell the whole story.

The biggest divide between...


To Tank Or Not To Tank?

Posted by Tom Froemming , 21 July 2016 · 1,356 views

Community Blog Post
After getting off to the worst start in franchise history, the Twins appear to be turning things around this month, but is that something fans should be excited about? It seems like a crazy question, but when you look at the big picture could it be in the best interest of the team's future to tank the rest of the season?

In the MLB there is nothing but i...


Grieving the 2016 Minnesota Twins

Posted by Tom Froemming , 14 May 2016 · 726 views

Community Blog Post
It's never good when a baseball team leads you to research the stages of grief, but that's exactly the type of thing the 2016 Twins are inspiring. Here's how my grieving through the 2016 season has gone so far.

Stage 1: Denial and Isolation

Last time I checked in, I was looking for hope with the Twins at 0-8 . I wrote that there was plenty of time to t...