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What does a successful off-season look like?

Posted by Loosey , 10 January 2017 · 1,155 views

Here we sit on January 10th and we are asking ourselves the same questions we have been asking since October 3rd, "Are the Twins going to trade Brian Dozier?"

So far this off season the Twins have hired a Chief Baseball Office and General Manager and signed Jason Castro to a 3 year $24.5M contract.

Since then they have non-tendered Trevor Plouffe and signed a handful borderline replacement level/minor league free agents.

In a normal off-season this would be big changes for the Twins organization. They released a long-time member of the team and signed a player to area of need. Good work!

But this off-season is different.

The Twins are currently in a position to deal a player who is probably at his peak value from an area where they already have a replacement ready to go. In return the expectation has been to receive a massive haul in prospects MLB ready pitchers to build for this team's future. But it hasn't happened that way.

Brian Dozier's perceived value doesn't appear to be as high as many have thought it should be. The only real suitor right now is Los Angeles and they are "low balling" the Twins. Did Falvey and Levine expect to make a Dozier trade sooner? Was this their main off-season priority are question I have to ask especially now with rumors swirling the Twins are ready to start the season with Dozier on the roster, would the off-season activity have been different if everyone knew Dozier was going to stay?

By keeping Dozier the on field product has only changed by adding a catcher. No young pitchers have been added to the future rotation pool of prospects, Jorge Polanco will be forced to play shortstop which is not his natural position causing the left side of the infield to be suspect.

If a Dozier deal was always known to be a long-shot, should the front office have been adding players through other means? Should Santana have been shopped more?

I don't like to give out grades before everything comes to fruition but this off-season could have a very large variance depending on what happens with Dozier. Keep him and do nothing else, this off-season would be a sub-par one, call it a C-. Trade him and receive the future players and it could swing into A grade territory.

It sure doesn't look like this off-season. Even though leadership has changed, nothing has changed in the way the Twins conduct their off-season business. The team loses 103 games and all they have done is sign a catcher who is good at pitch framing. Oh, yes... I nearly forgot, they have also signed a bus load of re-treads, just like Ryan used to do (Vogelsong, Shuck, etc.). And just like Ryan, they had a window to get maximum value out of a player, who will never be worth more, and they fail to work out a trade. Nothing has been done to address the pitching staff, which was pathetic, and they haven't done anything to improve their dismal defense. They haven't taken any chances... Haven't tried anything creative... It's just more of the same.

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Well if the Twins are truly in a rebuilding mode, they are doing what's best, standing pat and evaluating who they do have to put on the field tomorrow and longer down in the future.


We also see that they really have no talent that other teams value. Dozier and Santana may be the best trade chips, but nothing happened. Both are still relative bargains for the Twins, although probably a luxury on the longrun.


Trevor Plouffe was a loss, but he ended up getting a $5 mill contract, soemthing the Twins would've surely paid if they ahd the opportunity. But this is where arbirtation works against you. Making those tough decisions...again on a luxury you don't really need.


Do the Twins have bad contracts? Of course. Mauer is two years and counting right now. Park is a works-in-progress. Perkins and Hughes need to comeback, but do we think they will shine and pitch to their worth, elt alone become, if possible, viable trade pieces? Perhaps not.


I actually don't see anyone hungering for the Twins BIG prospects like Berrios, Buxton and Sano. Maybe Kepler has some life, but still people will wait and see. If they pan out, the Twins did good and have some keepers. If they don't, the guys won't work in the majors long and the next rung will get their chance.


So much IS about development of prospects, guys who you can keep and play for 4-6 years, if not more. Who do the Twins curently have? Perkins, Dozier, they let Plouffe go. Gibson isn't quite there and might not make it. 


Polanco, Vargas, Danny Santana, Pressly, Tonkin and May are the main holdovers that came up in our system, and Ryan and Trevor came from elsewhere. Not speaking well of the system since 2013/14.


SO it ultimately boils down to the players the Twins have and their perceived worth in the major leagues. Not alot of value, not a lot of tire kicking to even see what it would take to pry ANY of these guys away. Are they better than players currently on any major league team in question, or prospects in the chute? 


And that goes to show you the challenge the new administration has!


Good points.  It just feels like the whole off-season hinged on getting a good return from Dozier.  Maybe Falvey and Levine thought there was going to be a trade and were caught off guard at how little interest there is and now they have to take a step back and re-evaluate what to do.


I was never in the camp to bring in a bunch of free agents.  I was in the rebuild mode camp.  Use the current assets to bring in younger cheaper assets that can help the team in 1-3 years.  If they could have done that, then next year would be the year to possibly trade away a prospect and go big after a free agent to speed things up.  


I in no way think the offseason was a failure.  It just hasn't live up to what, at least my own, expectations.

There is still time for something to happen, but I don't see it. Most teams do not wait until after their player have bought plane tickets to ST to make trades.


Pretty much an 'assessment' year, it appears.