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Eduardo Escobar 2019 Starting 2nd Baseman?

Posted by Loosey , 09 May 2018 · 1,006 views

I originally posted this in forums but realized this is more of a blog post:

As we have seen over the years when given opportunities to play every day Eduardo Escobar shines.Filling in for Miguel Sano so far this year he has shown he has the bat to be 3rd baseman, posting a .993 OPS while hitting 15 doubles and 7 home runs in 2018.

Over his career Escobar has primarily played the left side of infield playing 322 games at short and 196 at 3rd base.However, he has played a handful of games at 2nd base in his career.The opportunities have been limited in Minnesota over the last 4 or 5 years with Dozier being a fixture there.

However, it has been well publicized Brian Dozier would like to test free agency this winter.And if he finds a new home, there is suddenly a glaring hole on the right side of the infield.Granted, Dozier isn't doing much to increase his value as of now, but Dozier is the type of hitter who can go on absolute tears and make month long slumps disappear, which would likely increase his value again to levels the Twins may not want to pay.

This is where Escobar comes in.Also a free agent at the end of the season, his reputation is not that of Dozier yet.Which means he likely will cost much less on the open market, if he gets there.

In small sample sizes defensively at 2nd base Eduardo's defensive metrics compare relatively close to Dozier.Escobar is nearly two years younger than Dozier as well.

Additionally, Escobar's ability to play multiple positions gives the Twins flexibility into the future.For example if the Twins can sign him for a 3-4 year deal this off-season he can be penciled in to be the 2nd baseman in 2019 and at least the beginning of 2020.But if Royce Lewis comes knocking in 2020 and continues to be the Shortstop everyone hopes he becomes Jorge Polanco can then be slid over to 2nd base and Esco back to 3rd assuming Sano will be a 1st baseman/DH by that time.

I don't think this is outside the realm of possibilities and personally believe this is a great option for the Twins future infield.

* Disclaimer - I am a very big Eduardo Escobar fan and am long Escobar stock.

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There have been a lot worse ideas posted on TD than this one. I know, I posted some of them. :). This idea sort of solves a few issues all at once. I have never believed EE to be able to play SS in MLB full time. He just doesn't have the range. And normally I wouldn't think he has the power for a prototypical 3B. But right now he is far more dangerous than Sano, with more defense. And a switch hitter. Despite the bigger offensive names the Twins have on their roster, he is still likely the one I would want up in a clutch situation. At least he won't try and hit a 3 run HR with someone on second. In the past I always thought the more his bat was exposed, the less he hit. But he seems to have worked past that.
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This is a fantastic idea. Even if his bat slows down, Escobar doesn't need to hit as much at 2B as at 3B. And that versatility is nice if the Twins have the excellent problem of other guys knocking on the door (Blankenhorn, Javier, etc.) and run out of room for him. We've seen with Eduardo Nunez that it's not hard to trade a guy who can play all over the place, especially to NL teams.


I wonder what that kind of an extension would cost for Escobar? I'd imagine something like 4 years $32 - $36 million?

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May 09 2018 01:59 PM

In addition EE is a plus in the clubhouse (I have read). Forward thinking article. I like it.

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I like Escobar's consistency more than Dozier's half year excellence.

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