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Was it Mejia and not Hughes in town to start today? He was scheduled for Rochester who went with a bullpen game today instead.

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My New 2015 Roster Prediction

Posted by Shane Wahl , 08 August 2014 · 2,849 views

The Twins have done some interesting things in promoting certain players like Santana, Vargas, and Polanco this year. I think the first two guys might be with the club out of the gate next year as well.

I would predict the following roster out of ST, barring injuries:

C: Suzuki, Pinto, Herrmann
1B: Mauer, Vargas, Parmelee
2B: Dozier, Escobar
SS: Santana, (Escobar)
3B: Plouffe (Escobar)
LF: Parmelee, (Herrmann)
CF: Hicks, (Santana)
RF: Arcia, (Parmelee), (Herrmann), (Colabello)
DH: Colabello, (Pinto) (Vargas), (Arcia)

A quick call for James Beresford, Danny Ortiz, and Dan Rohlfing (or Matt Koch)

Longer term replacements in Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton, Jorge Polanco, and Stuart Turner

This produces a batting order against RH:


And against LH:


Colabello could be replaced by someone like Danny Ortiz or a free agent signing.

The starting rotation:


Meyer, Gilmartin, and Darnell a quick call away.


(Hopefully the Twins shed Burton, Swarzak and Deduno, and find some value in trading Duensing and Fien)

X pitcher (Pryor, Guerra, Ibarra, etc.)

I think Colabello is done now that he was sent back down. I REALLY rooted for the guy and hoped he'd be that guy that made it late and became an every day player, but at this point I do not expect him to wear the Twins Uniform again.
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Not to nit pick but looking again at your list, you have 14 bats and 12 pitchers (counting the x pitcher) so I think subliminally you already knew you'd have to cut Colabello...
Agreed Goulik, I think Vargas is the top of the DH pecking order. And I'm not certain if it will be Hicks or Santana in CF. I think TR and Gardy will be less enthusiastic about Hicks' ST hitting dominance and leave him in AAA for a while. I do think during the season that Hicks will earn the CF job and Santana will take the SS job as a result. Santana has already earned his shot, but lack of CF options has made the case.
stringer bell
Aug 09 2014 07:05 AM
No Colabello. We all know he slumped after his fine April. His stats since his recall have been bad, as well (not Florimonian, but still bad). I see Nuñez as a keeper. Here's my list:

C: Suzuki, Pinto, Chris Gimenez
1B: Mauer, (Parmelee, Vargas)
2B: Dozier (Escobar)
3B: Plouffe, Nuñez (Escobar)
SS: Escobar (Nuñez, Santana)
LF: Parmelee (Nuñez, Schaefer, Gimenez)
CF: Santana, Schaefer
RF: Arcia (Nuñez, Parmelee, Gimenez)
DH: Vargas (Mauer, Pinto)

SP: Gibson, Hughes, May, Milone, Nolasco
RP: Pino, Pelfrey, Duensing, Oliveros, Pryor, Thielbar, Perkins

Is this a competitive team?  Looks a lot like 2014 (too much in my book.) And the best player in the team (The Twins have the second best WAR in the majors at SS, mainly thanks to him,) Escobar, is left out from the starting lineup. Colabello does not belong to a competitive MLB team's roster.Neither does Parmelee. Neither does Schaefer.


If the 2015 team looks too close like the 2014 team that is about to lose 90+, it does not look good...

Aug 09 2014 11:55 AM
I think this is pretty close. Pelfrey will be on the roster, and I wouldn't be surprised if they picked up a bench guy.

C: Suzuki, Pinto,
1B: Mauer, (Parmelee, Vargas)
2B: Dozier (Escobar)
3B: Plouffe, Nuñez (Escobar)
SS: Santana (Nuñez, Escobar)
LF: Hicks (Nuñez, Parmelee)
CF: Schaefer (Parmelee and Santana)
RF: Arcia (Nuñez, Parmelee)
DH: Vargas (Mauer, Pinto)


Starting Pitchers







Meyer, Gilmartin, Darnell, Berrios, and Duffy ready for the call.I almost think someone gets traded here.



CL: Perkins



Loogy RP:Theilbar  


Long RP:Dedunno

Long RP:  Pino


There are lots of options here too with Burton, Tonkin, Swarzak, Oliveras, Ibarra, Pressly, and Burdi who I think will be up sometime in the 2nd half of the season. 

I didn't put parentheses around the second appearance of Parmelee, so it is 13. Yes, Colabello is toast. So it is likely Nunez.

C=Suzuki, Pinto 1B=Mauer, Vargas 2B=Dozier SS=Escobar/Santana, Nunez 3B=Plouffe LF=FA (unlikely but possible trade), Parmelee CF=Santana/FA (Hicks a possible) RF=Arcia Herrmann, Beresford, Hicks in the wings, along with Rosario possibly. Sano and Buxton a little further down the line. SP=Hughes, Gibson, Nolasco, Milone...May, Meyer, Pelfrey. Uncertain on #5 at this point. Whoever isn't is in the wings. Deduno and Pino could both be AAA filler/fill-in. Gilmartin and Berrios further down the line. PEN=Perkins, FA (strong hunch in my mind), Fien, Pressly-Tonkin, Swarzak, Thielbar, Duensing. Achter, Pressly-Tonkin, Darnell, Ibarr amongst others in a line. I see the Twins making one quality pen FA signing to keep the unit strong, and to not overly depend on too many youngsters at once. I believe Swarzak and Duensing are both back, at least initially, as fairly inexpensive veterans. There is competitive depth here however.
I agree with everybody on the infield but see the outfield changing (need a consistent offense) LF, free agent or trade CF, stop gap free agent RF, Arcia on a short lease

I really, really hope Meyer is in the rotation out of camp.No way Peflrey outperforms him in ST.We have seen too many scholarships handed out.It is these types of decisions that keep us from winning 74+ games next year as well