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September Calls And Afl Decisions

Posted by Shane Wahl , 30 July 2014 · 1,705 views

It is now time to start thinking about proper roster movements in considering the Twins in 2015 and how to best position the team for an actual productive season next year. This involves September call-ups and Arizona Fall League decisions. I submit the following:

1. Josmil Pinto and Chris Herrmann should be back up with the team. Both have now smacked AAA pitching. Hopefully for Eric Fryer's sake, the Twins will have traded Suzuki by this time. Otherwise, there is just no reason to have him around.

2. Kennys Vargas up for a tryout. Vargas is still going to need some more minor league seasoning, but he is on the 40-man, has great power, and deserves a nice paycheck.

3. James Beresford added to 40-man and called up. The Twins have about a dozen guys on the 40-man to be removed via trade or designation. Beresford provides good infield depth.

4. Aaron Hicks back in the house. Hopefully, Hicks is promoted to AAA in August and then comes up for the Twins in September. The time in AA was the boost he needed. The overall talent is enormous. He is getting his slugging back now and needs another taste of the big leagues.

5. A.J. Achter, Deolis Guerra, Michael Tonkin, and Lester Oliveros. These guys need to come up and get a chance to show themselves. It would be nice to have traded Fien, Duensing, and Swarzak by September first. Add in Jared Burton's necessary departure and there is the room here.

6. Trevor May and Alex Meyer. Good lord. May needs to be starting for the Twins now and Meyer can probably ease in in September in a relief role for awhile.

7. AFL: send Byron Buxton, Nate Roberts, Levi Michael, Cole Johnson, Tyler Duffey, and Mason Melotakis. One of those guys is a guaranteed player, the other five need more testing.

This. Shane, really, you hit just about every thought I had, especially if Suzuki is indeed traded. A couple points though, Nate Roberts is already gone. I wouldn't dare trade Fien. He's good, controlled financially, and only 30. Probably keep Duensing for the same reason. No promises to Hicks, which I wrote elsewhere, but at this point, with an option already burned, why wouldn't you bring him back up for September?

Aforementioned players off the 40-man:


Kevin Correia (traded, somehow)

Jared Burton (released)

Brian Duensing (traded)

Samuel Deduno (traded)

Yohan Pino (traded)

Anthony Swarzak (traded or released)

Eric Fryer (released)

Sam Fuld (released)

Josh Willingham (traded)

Kurt Suzuki (traded)

Kris Johnson (traded)

Pedro Florimon (released)


This makes plenty of room.

I had not seen that the Twins, ridiculously, released Nate Roberts. What the hell? If he cannot run at all, OK, but why not just keep the guy around if he is injured again and let him rest. He should have been in AA anyway, so I just don't get this nonsense. What a joke.


Anyway, the Twins should probably send Kvasnicka to the AFL instead.


Fien has good value and there are clear replacements for him, and the same goes for Duensing.

Duensing is overpriced at this point and the Twins have plenty of replacements in the bullpen.  The 40-man is littered with junk as stated.


Who needs to be added this year from the minors?

It was an easy call on Nate Roberts, and frankly, probably was his call. From what I've heard, it took him 2-3 hours a day just to prepare himself to try to play that night. And then after the game, it was more of the same. Every day. And no, at this stage, he really couldn't run. 


And, you can't just trade everyone. I'd consider trading Duensing because I actually think he could bring back a solid prospect, but he's NOT making too much money. 


I'm guilty of this too. Sometimes we want players dealt just because, but you can't just do that. Also, it's not going to be easy to convince a team to want someone like Correia. I actually think there is a better chance that Pedro Florimon is traded that Kevin Correia.

Duensing is overpriced at this point and the Twins have plenty of replacements in the bullpen.  The 40-man is littered with junk as stated.


Who needs to be added this year from the minors?


See the organization chart... there is a pre-set query that gives you everyone that's eligible.

Posted something about the Tommy Milone trade.  Wrong thread... whoops.


I would have to think that he will be taking the Pino/Darnell spot?

Hosken Bombo Disco
Jul 31 2014 11:34 PM
Vargas made it. I disagree on Hicks. For whatever reason, him and Gardy just do not mix. Or maybe it's Antony or the other coaches. Or maybe even Hicks's own teammates. Whatever, it would instantly become a distraction if Hicks came back on and even in a sub .500 season I'd prefer not to be audience to that. That might mean dealing Hicks in the offseason if the Twins decide to keep their coaches yet another year.
It's unlikely that everyone you mentioned will be released, especially the relievers. It's rare for that many effective players to be flat out cut
Paul Pleiss
Aug 07 2014 01:54 AM

My favorite park of reading the forums and even most Twins blogs out there is this crazy idea that some team would actually trade for Kevin Correia, league leader in loses. He's not absolute garbage, because he's stayed healthy and the Twins have refused to DFA him for any number of AAA guys. Yes, he's usually good for 6 innings and 3-4 runs, but that's not really something to get excited about.


I wouldn't give up a bag of used BP baseballs for Kevin Correia, even if the Twins ate all of his salary. At least the baseballs have a use for a contending team.