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Article: Supplementing the Twins: Tyler Chatwood

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:01 AM
Continuing on with the Supplementing the Twins series, it’s time to take a look at another pitcher. Last week, the subject was Lance Lynn...

Go Bold: Trade for Gerrit Cole

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:58 AM
As we're all discussing ways to improve the pitching staff, one name seems to be forgotten around here... Gerrit Cole.  The Pirates...

Article: Expansion Could Alter MLB's Landscape

Other Baseball Today, 12:58 AM
The winds of change are in the air. Major League Baseball could be nearing an expansion to 32 teams which would signal a large shift in t...

Twins should hire Mike Maddux

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:23 PM
Nice article at TwinkieTown about going after Maddux, the recently fired Nats pitching coach. Myjah notes that Levine worked with him for...

Article: AFL Report – Week 1: Paul, Jay, Vasquez Stand Ou...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 09:21 PM
(This report includes the games played through 10/15)Minnesota Twins prospects in the Arizona Fall League are playing on the roster of th...

Peanuts from Heaven


Adopt a Prospect #8: The End of Luis Perdomo

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 25 October 2012 · 58 views

Community Blog Post
Admittedly I am several months late in posting and several dollars short in sentiment (being swamped with student essays makes for an all too convenient excuse), but allow me to say the following.

1) Perdomo played fairly well both in the minor leagues and (after a rocky beginning) the majors--albeit during the most inconsequential innings of the most in...


2012's Teachable Moments: Money Changes You

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 22 October 2012 · 85 views

Community Blog Post
This post was originally published at Peanuts From Heaven

The playoffs are in high gear, but those who cling to hope for the underdogs might be forgiven for tuning out early this year. The league championship series featured the past three champions (Cardinals, Giants and Yankees) and a preseason favorite (the Detroit Tigers). Gone are the plucky upst...


2012's Teachable Moments: The Value of Consistent Casting

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 08 October 2012 · 90 views

Community Blog Post


2012's Teachable Moments: Rage Quitting

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 10 September 2012 · 153 views

Community Blog Post
Some know this, others don't. I'm secretly a teacher at a public high school that shall remain nameless. (If only to protect myself from principals who wonder why they hired a guy who thinks that beards are sentient.)

My job is great actually. When the baseball season starts it's a sign that the school year is rapidly winding down. As the battle for firs...


My Dog Writes the News

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 01 September 2012 · 71 views

Community Blog Post
I'm officially back at work, planning and plotting all that I teach, but after a summer of goofing around with my dog (with Sports Radio/ESPN often on in the background), I felt like I could trust him to write a post summarizing baseball coverage of late. Without further ado...here's a guest post from my dog: Sidney.--also available with images here



Rooting for Nick & Tsuyoshi

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 22 August 2012 · 141 views

Community Blog Post
(Apologies for the gap between posts, school is coming quickly and I'll be splitting time between writing lesson plans and writing baseball blogs...probably a little more time on lesson plans)

Clearly things have changed in the Twins dugout of late, much to the glee of many fans (not to mention the blogging community). Nick Blackburn is gone and it...


Adopt a Prospect #7: Luis Perdomo as Mr. Safety Date

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 13 August 2012 · 133 views

Community Blog Post


Back to where it all started

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 02 August 2012 · 81 views

Community Blog Post


Adopt a Prospect #6: Luis Perdomo's Debut!

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 29 July 2012 · 129 views

Community Blog Post
Well, that debut could definitely have gone better.

After posting a .949 WHIP between AA & AAA (only .661 in AAA) Luis Perdomo gave up 1 hit, 3 walks and a Swagalicious Error to 7 batters last night, his first night as an honest to goodness Minnesota Twin. He was wild (19 balls to just 11 strikes) and gave up 2 (unearned) runs before leaving the bases lo...


Why we must trade Liriano

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven , 25 July 2012 · 172 views

Community Blog Post
There's still a lot of debate over whether or not the Minnesota Twins should trade Francisco Liriano. Sure he's the best pitcher on the staff of a team that's rather desperate for starting pitching, but he's also a free-agent-to-be with a demanding agent who will probably be looking for a sizable pay day (one that we likely can't afford).