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Article: Winter Meetings - Search For A Starter

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The Winter Meetings are an interesting event, particularly for fans. There are a multitude of rumors, and we need to sift through them to...

2017-18 MLB Off-Season Transactions Thread

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I thought I'd get this going now (and pin it), even though we still have a few weeks to go. Please use this thread to track MLB NON-TWINS...

Non-Twins Offseason Rumors

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Mostly from Heyman's twitter.   Profar for Harvey swap being discussed Yankees trying to trade for Gerritt Cole but Pirates say they...

Article: Twins Sign Closer Rodney To One-Year Deal

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The Twins headed into the Winter Meetings with almost zero closing experience on their roster. They will exit with a wealth of it.On Thur...

Article: Twins Sign RHP Michael Pineda

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:54 AM
The Twins announced this morning that they have signed right-handed pitcher Michael Pineda to a two-year, $10 million deal. The former Ma...



Posted by Axel Kohagen , 07 May 2017 · 1,106 views

pretentious whiny montage
This is a TV promo, and this is your last chance to strap yourself in.

Because the next time your favorite team takes the field, the team's ace is going to be taking the mound. The guy on your team people from other states know.

The ace. The guy who can throw fireballs and baseballs that dart about like butterflies and baseballs that start at the batter's eye line and auger ten feet underground.

He's the guy who looks like his giant streetlight poster, and is actually taller than he appears on the Jumbotron.

Every damn time he takes the field he gets a win, a standing ovation, and his own montage of strikeouts on TV. He hauls his team to the playoffs.

Playoffs. He makes them exist.

How long till we have one on OUR side?

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