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Gettin' Attached.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 18 April 2017 · 1,512 views

#byronbuxton #squrireltriedtoeatharris #apocalpticbuffet #baddudes #joecrede
As I write this, the Twins have dropped three of the last four. Pride and hope take their lumps. Whatever bunkers Twins fans have built to survive 90 loss seasons are restocking their apocalyptic buffets.

The Twins will go back into the mines tonight to try to find baseball gold, and it seems increasingly like Byron Buxton is the canary early-warning system for disaster. Thus far, he's looking a little rough. If he drops back to the minors, or stops seeing playing time, things look rougher for the rest of the Twins as they slug it out.

Hard to imagine a more likeable player than Byron Buxton, and l made the mistake of getting too attached to him. His Instagram feed is charming, with lots of pictures of his family. When he makes a diving catch, I text or message someone proclaiming he's finally ready. I dream of taking a picture with him where we pose like the titular Bad Dudes of video game fame.

But it's looking like he's already had 23 strike outs, and even my boyish belief in baseball magic can't find a way to sweep this under the rug.

Like Samuel Deduno, Joe Crede, Brendan "A Squirrel Tried to Eat Me" Harris, and the second coming of Jason Kubel, I have loved Twins players more from my heart than from my common sense and ability to read baseball statistics. I was at an extra innings game where Joe Crede sent us home with a walk off grand slam, and I hugged a strange and questionably-smelling stranger next to me with unironic joy. But the game goes on, and youf imaginary pals go away.

I dream of Byron Buxton interviews where his charm and smile win over the whole of Twins Territory. I can see him hitting his twentieth homer a dozen or so games before he steals his twentieth base. But right now, what I reallly see is a great guy with amazing baseball potential who's about to be pining for the fjords on a plane trip to Rochester.

And then one of you will have to tell me sometimes friends move away and it's okay while I cry and pull out all of the drawers in my bedroom.

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It's tough. It's like it is impossible not to like the kid, but I now cringe every time he comes to bat. I watch because I desperately want him to get a hit and I'm almost always disappointed, and usually I see a strikeout.


I suppose we could send him to AAA to see if that helps, but this front office would just call up some pitcher with a high ERA and that would make me angry. 


No idea what to do. Each year about two hundred rookies with far less talent than he get the the big leagues and almost all of the position players can hit .200.


Just no idea...

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Apr 19 2017 05:40 AM

What concerns me the most about the Twins is the leadership. I would be more comfortable with them if their actions aligned with performance on the field.  I will give them a pass on Buxton because he is in a slump. Everybody has one of those.  However here are three things that concern me...

1. It appears that Polanco, although not ideal, can play short next to Dozier.  The only offer we got for Dozier was very poor and although I thought we had to move him, I agreed with the decision not to.  Why did we not know either of these things?

2. Hughes has been hit hard, for two years now, including this spring. If they play the infield in again somebody is going to get killed. He has not proven he can pitch, yet he gets a starting spot. Somebody paid this guy too much now somebody is trying to play him before he is ready, and he may never be.  We have a glut of pitchers, he is not part of the future. Make him prove he can pitch before you give him the ball.

3. Mauer is not improving, he is regressing.  He is a one trick pony and the opposition has recognized that fact. Molitor talked about protecting Joe against lefties this spring yet come opener we did not bring up a position player to accomplish that feet.  One bad decision on the pitching staff, leads to another with a field position.  


I know this is a new and promising leadership group. At this point, albeit in a tough situation, I really don't see improved decision making translating into improved performance on the field.  


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We all want Bux to succeed, no question. And this really hurts.  Like the first commenter said, there are hundreds of rookies and 2nd-year players out there...and every single one of them is outplaying Buxton.  Every. Single. One. 


I think we'd all be okay right now if Bux was hitting .219.  We'd at least be able to say "okay, it's still early".  But aside from some pitchers, he's the worst hitter in baseball right now.  By a long shot.  He's getting to the point where he's setting records in futility, and I'm not sure how you can keep running him out there.  


I'm going to say it: time for Rochester.  I know we all don't want to do that, but it's time, folks.  It's okay to let a guy "find himself" if he has a map.  Buxton's lost and at this point he's got to start over.  Complete hitting rehab.  2017 is another lost season, I'm afraid.  Let another outfielder come up and see what he can do.  Why waste valuable development time for another player?