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Ode to Scoring Just One Run

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 30 May 2018 · 443 views

Instead of writing an original piece of HIGH STRANGENESS to satisfy your curiosity, I am sharing a most EDIFYING piece in praise of the one solitary run the Twins are allowed to score in most games. 4 out of 6 since last we talked.

Gather, ye ball fans
As I make all clear
The most mirthful joy
Of our ONE run cheer!

To score runs PLURAL
Cannot be much fun
Compared to sheer glee
From scoring just one!

Teams - not the Twins, no
They love the long ball
They hammer and drive
They score, one and all!

Bless’d fans of TC
How lucky are we?
To score just a run
And not two or three?

That one run, and how!
When we see it plate,
To bed we can go
Needn’t stay up late.

Our run! It’s our run!
It’s the only we get!
You must love the run!
When your teams plays not so very good.

⁃ The Bard Axel Kohagen

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John Bonnes
May 30 2018 08:20 PM

Pretty good except for the last four words....

When one posts a poem it’s delightful to see
As long as that poem is not about me
But when it’s the Twins we say rhymes about
It’s worthy of claps, a good cheer and a shout


To celebrate the team that we all cheer for
The positive aspects you seek to explore
How sad it is that you mention one run
‘cause lately, my friend, it’s not been much fun


But thanks for the effort to find a good note
And cherish the one run, as you so nicely wrote
The future could bring a new challenge to you
The Twins might go out and maybe score two!