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Article: Game Thread: Twins v Diamondbacks, 8/18 @ 7:10pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:00 PM
And… we move onto the Diamondbacks, starting a 3-game series at Target Field tonight. This is some tough pitching back to back. The India...

Can Someone Dig Up...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:52 PM
The threads where people suggested trading Buxton 3 weeks ago?  I need a good laugh.     

Fangraphs: Updated Top 10 Prospect List

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 08:52 PM
Fangaphs posted their updated Top 10 Prospect lists for teams in the AL Central. There's a new #1 on the list! 

Mitch Garver - 2017

Adopt A Prospect 2017 Today, 08:39 PM
Mitch Garver:   He has a STRONG beard in this pic!  Position: C  B/T: R/R Height: 6'1" Weight: 220 lbs of STEEL Birthday:...

Mitch Garver's College Coach Tweets That He's Hea...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:55 PM
Coach Birmingham tweeted it, Gail Garver -- Mitch's mom retweeted it.   http://zonecoverage....e-mitch-garver/

Blog Axel Kohagen



Posted by Axel Kohagen , 07 May 2017 · 810 views
pretentious, whiny, montage
Community Blog Post
This is a TV promo, and this is your last chance to strap yourself in.

Because the next time your favorite team takes the field, the team's ace is going to be taking the mound. The guy on your team people from other states know.

The ace. The guy who can throw fireballs and baseballs that dart about like butterflies and baseballs that start at the batter...


Ain't Nobody Happy.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 02 May 2017 · 766 views
Community Blog Post
Miguel Sano is the AL Player of the Week. Baseballs scream at night for their baseball parents to make sure Miguel Sano isn't under their bed. As I write this, the Twins have a winning schedule.

Good. Because let's face it, none of us are happy about anyone else.

The dam of Internet puppies and kitties finally busted. Log on to social media and drown in...


Twins Fan Club, Derry Chapter.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 28 April 2017 · 670 views
washingtonsenators, derry and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
New Line Cinema released a furious preview for their remake of Stephen King's It, and the excitement drove me to pick up my well-worn hardcover of the book to reread it slowly and deliberately. I hope to become so connected with the terrors of Derry, Maine, that I risk waking up to find myself staring at the house on Neibolt Street. Or worse.

Last night,...


Sorry, Guys. My Bad.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 23 April 2017 · 636 views
#gameday, #linusvanpelt, #failure
Community Blog Post
Whether I watch the Twins on the television, listen on the radio, or follow along with Gameday on my phone, I can assure you I am doing my part. Yet, somehow, this team is failing.

When Twins players stand in the batter's box, I say "Home Run." I mean, I actually say the words out loud. And I nod once, with my chin in the air, to let that player know I a...


Gettin' Attached.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 18 April 2017 · 1,085 views
#byronbuxton and 4 more...
Community Blog Post
As I write this, the Twins have dropped three of the last four. Pride and hope take their lumps. Whatever bunkers Twins fans have built to survive 90 loss seasons are restocking their apocalyptic buffets.

The Twins will go back into the mines tonight to try to find baseball gold, and it seems increasingly like Byron Buxton is the canary early-warning sys...


Mining for Misery

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 14 April 2017 · 819 views

Community Blog Post
The Twins are coming home 6-3, and with the seasons we've suffered through they might as well all strut onto Target Field wearing uniforms designed to mimic John Travolta's white suit from Saturday Night Fever. They should have a "Pinch 'n Slap" booth at each entrance to help fans confirm they are not dreaming. Ice cream in mini batting helmets should com...


Five and One, Baby.

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 10 April 2017 · 815 views

Community Blog Post
It's Monday. The Twins aren't playing at the moment, but they're going to unload the war wagons and take on Detroit on their turf. The Twins have taken two series from divisional foes, and winning a third series would feel like a nice little start to somethin' somethin'.

Five to one. That makes me pause for a second to remind people to appreciate The Doo...


Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies, Zombies

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 08 April 2017 · 670 views

Community Blog Post
This morning, fellow citizens of Twins Territory left their homes to find infant animals, such as deer and rabbits, lining up to sniff their hands in the dewy grass and pastel sunlight.

Maybe. Look, none of us really know what the 4-0 life is like. Last time it happened was 1987, an era the nearest adolescent to you will tell you is "ancient" before buil...


We Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done?

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 03 April 2017 · 1,215 views
##royals, royals
Community Blog Post
We Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done? It's opening day and I'm wearing my Joe Nathan shirt for the tenth year in the row. The Twins are playing the Royals, because the Twins are ALWAYS playing the Royals. Advanced statistics will confirm the Twins play 127% of their games against the Royals, and 75% of those games mean nothing to anybody anyway. But we sure play them, now knowing that all of...


The Bullying Typist

Posted by Axel Kohagen , 10 August 2015 · 949 views
#alishaperkins #fifteens5k and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
I planned to write four columns for four Twins games attended in eight days, but I got stuck after running Fifteen's 5K before the last game and ended up skipping the game and staying home. The Twins lost, but my experience running into Target Field and getting closer Glen Perkins to sign my medal thrilled me enough to make me forget my favorite team's wo...