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Posted by mike8791 , 27 January 2021 · 823 views

About an hour before Andrelton Simmons signed with the #MNTwins, one source suggested they’d pivot to Simmons after missing out on Marcus Semien. Same person believes club has two more moves ahead before the offseason is out.

As happy as Twin fans are over the Simmons' signing(probably the Twins best FA signing besides Donaldson), the above quote from Passan's tweet announcing the Simmons signing gives even more reason for optimism for the Twins looking at two more transactions.

So lets start the speculation on what these two moves might be/should be. I've broken down the possibilities as follows:

1. Most likely: 1.)resign Cruz; 2.) sign a low cost reliever, e.g., Soria, O'Day, Clippard, who would strengthen the pen but not be "closer" material.

2. Hope not: 1.) sign a low cost, veteran starter like Rich Hill, who would compete for the #5 spot; and 2.) low cost reliever(see above). DH to be filled by rotation of players like Polanco/Arraez, Garver, Rooker.

3. Hope so: 1.) Trade Polanco and a couple of prospects(not top 3) to Reds for Castellanos and Sonny Gray; and 2.) sign Trevor Rosenthal

The most likely scenario doesn't move the needle much from what we had in 2020 but is probably sufficient to get the Twins into the playoffs. "Hope not" would be a step backwards, particularly for the offense which will have lost both Cruz and Rosario. Is there enough offensive potential left to carry the team into the playoffs?

"Hope so" is obviously the biggest needle mover in terms of increasing our odds of advancing in the playoffs. We have replaced Cruz with a lesser offensive force, but a good one nonetheless who also adds youth and flexibility for 1B/OF positions. In addition with Sonny Gray our rotation becomes a top 3 at least in the AL. And finally, the bullpen would be bolstered by a strong "closer-type" who would be strong insurance against a further decline by Rogers.

I know most TD readers are juiced by having Polanco/Arraez in a rotating utility/DH role and that's not a bad idea. But the Reds are desperate for a SS and assuming they do not sign Didi, Polanco would be a terrific sweetener to obtain Gray(or better yet, Castillo). Isn't his value higher in a trade than as a utility player? We could fill the utility role from the likes of Gordon, Blankenhorn, or even Lewis - not ideal but not a game changer either.

If the Twins FO goal this offseason is to advance in the playoffs, they're off to a good start with Happ and Simmons' signings. Why stop there? Go bold or settle for "being competiive".

Jan 27 2021 12:38 PM
“Best signing since Josh Donaldson “ ?? I would rate year 1 if that as a complete disaster.