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A Winning Strategy

Posted by mike8791 , 17 December 2019 · 1,960 views

Lots of teeth gnashing on Twins' offseason so far - and for good reason. The strong FA pitching class has been whittled down to almost the vanishing point, or so it seems to many of us. After a record-setting 101 win season, followed by the crushing exit at the hands of the Evil Empire, the FO made noises about adding impact pitching. As most of us on TD realize, this team just doesn't stack up well in a playoff environment. The bats go cold, our starters and bullpen fall on their faces, and our defense throws away whatever slim chances we had left.

So what to do to move the needle forward? Well, here's my plan(in order of importance):

1. The Rotation

Unless a miracle occurs and they sign Ryu, the trade route is the way to go. Top priority should be Robbie Ray. Now that MadBum is on board, Ray might be expendable. He has one year left before FA and he was supposedly in play at last trade deadline. They have a need for a starting OF and Rosario might be a good fit. Sweeten the pot a bit with one or two of our top 20 prospects and get the deal done. Ray is not yet the ace we were seeking but he seems to have the upside to slot ahead of Berrios, et. al. At worse he would be a solid addition to the rotation.

And by all means take a flyer on some free agent who could turn things around, fill in for Pineda early, then slide into the #5 slot should our minor leaguers struggle. Julio Teheran would be my first choice, Rich Hill my second. Either one would not break the bank and at least has a high chance to fit into the rotation immediately.

2. The bullpen

Yes, this is still an area that needs improvement. Many on TD believe that with Rogers as closer and Romo, Duffy, May and Littell give us a playoff-ready bulletin. I do not. True, Romo looks solid and May and Duffy made good strides in the second half of 2019 but today's championship teams need a shutdown bullpen and that the Twins do not have. If their closer, Rogers, falters or gets injured or worn out from overuse like multiple innings, this pen is toast. You need at least three proven backenders out of the bullpen. The solution has to start with signing Betances, who is looking for a one year, $10MM contract. The FO should have jumped already. He is a risk, but one well worth taking. I would also try to sign either Will Harris or Daniel Hudson or even our old friend Brandon Kintzler. Two additions and this bullpen suddenly looks fortified for the long haul.

3. The infield

Right now, we have a vacancy at 1B and an admittedly inferior left side infield defense. The solution seems apparent: 1.) move Sano to 1B, 2.) trade Arraez, and either one or two of our top 5 pitching prospects to the Cubs for Kris Bryant; 3.) move Polanco to 2B and insert Adrianza in as starting SS. The Cubs need a leadoff hitter/2B, they need to shed payroll and they need to add to their minor league pitching depth - in a big way. This is a high risk trade, but one that an organization seeking to move deep into the playoffs now should be doing.

Notice the above moves do not require signing a high priced FA, though Bryant will certainly be one by 2022 at the latest, and Ray will not be cheap either. But these moves will show the current roster that managment is going all out to win now. They could put an exclamation point on this by signing at least Berrios, and possibly Odorizzi to long term contracts. The point is that risks must be taken if you are not going all out for the top free agents. The moves outlined above will dispel the doom and gloom surrounding this franchise now and change the whole dialogue of whether this organization is committed to a World Championship.

Is any of this realistic? Most definitely!! All it takes is some cajones and a willingness to spend some $. Pohlad and Falvey - the ball is in your court.

Dec 17 2019 10:40 PM

1. Still try to sign Ryu for 3/67, but also try to sign Alex Wood and Julio Teheran for 2/18 contracts.

2. No to Betances, but Harris for 1/7 if he would - I like the flexibility of our bullpen.

3. A trade for Bryant does nothing in my view; I like Sano better, Arraez is good and if the Twins are going big at 3B they should just sign Donaldson.

I like the idea of still acquiring two starters as I think that would help the bullpen also. Thorpe or Smeltzer could be helpful from the bullpen.

I strongly disagree that Ray's downside is a solid rotation piece. He's one of the most high ceiling low floor pitchers in baseball not even year to year but day to day. The DBacks reportedly had a ridiculous asking price for Ray at the deadline last season despite him being less valuable in terms of WAR than Michael Pineda for example who threw 30 less innings. 


Trading 2 years of Eddie for one year of Ray would be dicey for me even with replacements on deck for LF. He'd have been our 4th most valuable pitcher last year behind Kyle Gibson. Maybe I'd do it Ray for Eddie straight up, but adding prospects seems like an overpay for a guy who very well could end up being about as valuable as a guy like Keuchel who we could just pay money for. The front office and pitching staff would have to take interest in being able to take Ray to the next level for me to be excited to give up much for him.

http://No to BetancesTo land a potential closer on a short term contract, a risk must be taken. He has averaged a ridiculous 15SO/9IP!We need a guy like this. If we took a chance with an injured Pineda, Betances should be a no-brainer for 1 yr.


http://A trade for B...ing in my view;C'mon.This is a ROY, MVP player.Would you rather have him than Arraez - he of the half season of ML history.You need to give up someone to get something.Doubt if Cubs go for this, but worth a shot!How do you like an infield with Sano and Bryant at the corners?


http://strongly disa...year but day to

Ray is a solid #2 with a 12SO/9IP over last 3 years.True, he is a bit erratic but his fundamentals(age, LH, FB speed) mark a potential ace.If Dbacks continue top ask for the moon, then I would turn attn. to Jon Gray, but Ray is the prize here.


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