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Seriously, how bad is that lineup?

Posted by Supfin99 , 29 March 2019 · 3,350 views

Talking about the Indians. When I looked at the opening lineup card I actually thought it was a post from a spring training game. That lineup is putrid. The great thing is the only person they are really missing is Lindor. Lindor is fantastic but he can’t make up for the rest of the poopoo platter that the Indians are going to trot out there on a daily basis. The Indians are going to be great at 2 spots with Lindor and Ramires and average at another with Santana. There is a good chance they will be below average to bad at the rest of the spots in the order. Even with that rotation, it’s hard to win every game 2-1. I wrote about this earlier in the spring, what happens if Lindor or Ramirez miss time or just simply aren’t as great as they’ve been the last 3 years? Then this lineup becomes one of the worst in baseball which is what we saw yesterday. Seriously Tyler Naquin batting 3rd? He wouldn’t even make the Twins roster. Lindor now has to wait for his ankle to heal then basically start spring training over again. He may miss the entire month of April. This division is absolutely for the taking. This isn’t an over reaction to 1 game. And don’t tell me they were missing Jason Kipnis also. Kipnis has been below average for 2 years.

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Mar 29 2019 08:57 AM

I was feeling the same way.I think Jake Bauers is a bit of a sleeper for the the Tribe, but otherwise it seemed like AAAA, downtrending vets and defensive specialists surrounding J Ramirez. 

Joe A. Preusser
Mar 29 2019 10:51 AM
You never know how things will shake out, but I am at least comfortable putting them in the bottom quarter of MLB offenses this year.

Was at openng game and was struck how weak the Indians lineup looked.Had to do a double take when we read the names.It is telling that the Indians pinch hit for their #3 hitter Tyler Naquin with Jordan Luplow.The casual baseball fan would have a hard time identifying the majority of the lineup.Between Berrios and Rogers 12 Ks, 2 hits allowed and 1 walk.Both are good pitchers, but the Indians lineup made them look even better. 


Here was 2018's opening day lineup as compared with 2019's opening day lineup for the Indians:


2018 (2018 OPS)

1. SS Francisco Lindor OPS .871       

2. 2B Jason Kipnis OPS .704

3. 3B Jose Ramirez OPS .939

4. 1B Yonder Alonso OPS .738

5. DH Edwin Encarcion OPS .810

6. RF Lonnie Chisenholm OPS .846

7. C Yan Gomes OPS .762

8. LF Tyler Naquin OPS .651

9. CF Bradley Zimmer OPS .611


(Note Michael BrantleyOPS .832 was not in 2018 opening day lineup)


2019 (2018 OPS)

1. CF Leonys Martin OPS .747

2. 3B Jose Ramirez OPS .939

3. RF Tyler Naquin OPS .651

4. 1B Carlos Santana OPS .766

5. DH Hanley Ramirez OPS .708

6. LF Jake Bauers OPS .700

7. C Roberto Perez OPS .519

8. 2B B. Miller OPS .724

9. SS Eric Stamets OPS .596 AAA)


(Lindor, Kipnis hurt)





Mar 30 2019 10:10 PM
even with Lindor, Kipnis, and Ramirez healthy they may not even finish above the Royals.
Mar 30 2019 10:13 PM
Carrasco, Bauer, and Kluber have never stayed healthy for one entire season either. Unless they plan on being the 1981 Oakland A's they are in trouble. Their bullpen is more suspect than ours. It makes me furious to hear every so called baseball "expert" say they have no competition in the division.


Carrasco, Bauer, and Kluber have never stayed healthy for one entire season either. Unless they plan on being the 1981 Oakland A's they are in trouble. Their bullpen is more suspect than ours. It makes me furious to hear every so called baseball "expert" say they have no competition in the division.

This is a reach, there isn't much of an injury history here....All 3 pitched more than 175 innings last season and made at least 28 starts.The Twins haven't had 3 pitchers reach 175 innings since 2005.Clevinger should also be considered an ace and he pitched 32 games for 200 innings last season.Injuries are always a risk for starters but this team has had great health overall with their star pitchers.


Carrasco 192 Innings, 33 games (2 consecutive seasons with 190+ innings, 30+ starts in 3 of last 4 seasons)

Bauer 175.1 innings, 28 games(4 consecutive seasons with 175+ innings)

Kluber 215 Innings, 33 games( 5 consecutive seasons with 200+ innings)


Apr 05 2019 01:27 AM
Carrasco was hit hard on the elbow by a line drive from Twins designated hitter Joe Mauer in the second inning of Saturday's game.

It's the third time he's been injured by a hit in the past four seasons. He took a hit to the face in 2015, but didn't miss any time. He was also hit hard in the elbow in 2016 and missed the rest of the season. This is from 2018 a story about Carrasco. If I need to i can look up the story about how Bauer cut his hand playing with toys and missing a start in the 2016 playoffs. What about Danny Salazar? Where has he been since he was crowned a perennial Cy Young candidate? My point is that with the exception of Kluber and maybe Clevinger, none of those guys are pressure, clutch players. Hence no world championships since 1950 something. Its a loser team with no heart. Go ahead and crown them if you want. Im gonna love watching em fall.
Apr 05 2019 01:35 AM
Indians place Corey Kluber on disabled list
By Jordan Bastian | May 3, 2017 ......shall i go on?