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Game Thread Twins @ Mariners 3:10pm cdt 5/19/19/19 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:36 PM
Some one pointed out that we just passed the 40 game mark. Half way through the first half of the season. Zeno would be proud. If he knew...

Jason Castro's Transformation

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:33 PM
Are you like me and wondering how in the hell is Jason Castro hitting like a madman? The dude's barrel rate is off the charts this year!...

Is it too early to talk about Twins 2019 All Stars?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:30 PM
The game is almost two months away and obviously a lot can happen in that time. As of now, I would say Polanco and Garver (depending on...

Article: MIN 18, SEA 4: Sharks Eat Mariners

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:26 PM
Back in 2006, Ozzie Guillen compared the Twins’ lineup to piranhas due to its ability to relentlessly small ball a team to death. This 20...

Article: Twins Prospect Spotlight: Luis Arraez

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 03:26 PM
The Twins announced earlier today that Luis Arraez, who was just recently promoted to Triple A, was being called up to the big leagues fo...

Supfin99's Blog


Seriously, how bad is that lineup?

Posted by Supfin99 , 29 March 2019 · 3,259 views

Community Blog Post
Talking about the Indians. When I looked at the opening lineup card I actually thought it was a post from a spring training game. That lineup is putrid. The great thing is the only person they are really missing is Lindor. Lindor is fantastic but he can’t make up for the rest of the poopoo platter that the Indians are going to trot out there on a daily b...


Should the Twins be favored to win the Central right now?

Posted by Supfin99 , 13 February 2019 · 995 views

Community Blog Post
Everyone assumes the Indians are a slam dunk to win the division again this year. But should they be runaway favorite? Looking at their roster I see a couple of huge advantages. The rotation might be the deepest in baseball, accumulating 5 plus War form 3 starters, 4 guys were above 3.9 WAR, which is where the top Twins starter, Berriios, resides. Their 5...


Salary, Salary and Salary

Posted by Supfin99 , 11 February 2019 · 489 views

Community Blog Post
I just read the article on here about punting the 2019 season. I don’t understand this narrative and get so frustrated by it. Money is not a cure all when it comes to building a team. I say this knowing I wrote an article a month ago where I discussed my frustration that the Twins didn’t spend more in the mid 2000’s to augment the team. But the differenc...


The dynasty that wasn't; The 2002 to 2010 Twins Part 2

Posted by Supfin99 , 18 December 2018 · 1,210 views

Community Blog Post
In Part one we covered to injuries that had a massive affect on this era of Twins teams. I didn't even get into the concussions that derailed both Morneau's and Mauers careers.

In Part 2 we will cover what I consider personnel decisions that range from bad to ridiculous to borderline criminal. The first one I want to cover is the one I alluded to when di...


The dynasty that wasn't; The 2002 to 2010 Twins

Posted by Supfin99 , 18 December 2018 · 743 views

Community Blog Post
This is probably the most sustained successful era of any Twins team. This time period of the Twins made more playoff appearances and won more division titles, partly due to the expanded playoffs. The 1965 to 1970 Twins would have made the playoffs in 5 out of 6 years with a similar play-off format. These Twins teams won 6 division titles and made 7 tr...