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Wolfson: Twins Scouting Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:04 PM
  Doogie Wolfson tweeted that the Twins are going to be scouting 22-year-old RHP Yoshinobu Yamamoto, "one of the premier young pitc...

2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Yesterday, 06:56 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!

Not to add more doom and gloom

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 01:31 PM
This is interesting and sort of concerning. Article snippet comes from the incomparable Jayson Stark of The Athletic (Which is must read...

White Sox make changes

Other Baseball 19 Oct 2020
Both Manager Rick Rentaria and pitching coach Don Cooper were let go.     Was a bit surprised by this, because the White S...

The Blog Days of Summer


The Man in Black

Posted by formerly33 , 05 June 2015 · 1,278 views
paul molitor
Community Blog Post
Sometimes you're forced to admit that your best ideas stem from another person's brainchild. It turns out that this is exactly the case when it comes to a Princess Bride parody I wrote up yesterday after giving some thought to why I've been seeing a recurring joke about Paul Molitor being the Man in Black on Twins Daily game threads. I had absolutely no...


Twins Daily's "Adopt a Prospect" - How I Became Addicted

Posted by formerly33 , 02 June 2015 · 1,955 views
adopt a prospect, d.j. baxendale and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
I've always assumed that I'd invariably get my baseball news second hand from my younger brother, a fanatical baseball fan and true stats geek, until we no longer lived in the same household and I would be obliged to do the research on my own. That is, until he finally managed to talk me into starting a Twins Daily account last November. At first I rarely...