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A 26 man roster is an improvement, but is MLB making a mi...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:42 PM
The world of sports has changed over the years. As a result, leagues have adapted roster sizes to allow for more active players, reserve...

Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

Other Baseball Yesterday, 06:41 PM
Free agency is likely going to be a really slow burn this year, but I still think it's worth having a thread to discuss signings. ...

Spring Training Games Thread 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 06:32 PM
One thread to rule them all...   Er. Sorry. Got a bit ahead of myself. (Power does tend to go to one's head.)   Anyway, seein'...

Jake Odorizzi, What's going on w/ him?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 02:48 PM
Since the beginning there was a lot of FA talk surrounding Jake &thattherewas a lot of interest from various teams. Thought he'd be g...

American League Power Rankings, by O/U

Other Baseball Yesterday, 02:13 PM
With spring training in full swing, who are the favorites in the A.L.?15. Baltimore OriolesBetOnline O/U - 63.5 winsThe Orioles are bruta...

The Blog Days of Summer


Twins Sign KBO Slugger Byung-ho Park

Posted by formerly33 , 01 December 2015 · 1,548 views
byung ho park
Community Blog Post
We all heard a fair amount about Byung-ho Park leading up to his posting by the Nexen Heroes on November 3rd; he was a player who had excited the interest of multiple Major League teams and fans across the country. Yet for all that, nothing was enough to prepare me for the news that the Minnesota Twins, a small market team, had won the negotiating rights...


A Twins Fan's Thanksgiving

Posted by formerly33 , 26 November 2015 · 900 views
Community Blog Post
We do not celebrate Thanksgiving because we're a thankful lot but rather because we prefer to complain 364 (and sometimes 365) days out of the year. As a holiday whose historical roots are buried deep in religious traditions, perhaps it would have been better to take a truly puritanical stance on the subject and dedicate only one day out of every year to...


We Wouldn't Have Lost if You'd Beaten Us

Posted by formerly33 , 02 August 2015 · 1,342 views

Community Blog Post
Everybody loves a good Yogiism. Accumulatively, I'm pretty sure I've spent hours surfing the internet for new Yogi Berra quotes during fits of boredom, and I never tire of seeing the same ones over and over again. The best thing about it is that just when you think you've seen his magnum opus, you run into another that somehow surpasses the last. One of m...


Introducing Twins' 1st Round Pick: Tyler Jay

Posted by formerly33 , 16 June 2015 · 1,990 views
tyler jay and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Tyler Jay is a left-handed pitcher from the University of Illinois and was taken with the 6th overall pick of the 2015 First-Year Player Draft by the Minnesota Twins. Born on April 19th, 1994, Jay is currently 6'1" and 180 lbs. He was lightly recruited in 2012 when he pitched for Lemont High School in suburban Illinois, but he was not drafted and went on...


Torii at the Bat

Posted by formerly33 , 11 June 2015 · 1,556 views
torii hunter, paul molitor and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Minnesota Twins last night. The Royals had already won the first two games of a series which was deemed crucial to who would ultimately win the AL Central, and we were down 7-1 going into the bottom of the 8th in the last game of the series. Luke Hovechar had just inherited the mound from Edinson Volquez, and Trevor Pl...