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What Experts are Saying About Twins Prospects

Posted by Brandon Warne , 23 February 2018 · 1,268 views

minnesota twins royce lewis stephen gonsalves nick gordon
With the arrival of spring comes a lot of things people have been working on all winter long. Teams have worked on building rosters, the earth has worked on getting warmer and writers have worked on prospect lists to unveil to the masses.

Prospect coverage has grown immensely in the last decade-plus — perhaps in lockstep with the Moneyball era — as fans have gone from shrugging at the idea of a minor leaguer coming up to the big leagues or being in a trade to the point where it’s almost become paralysis by analysis.

Now, instead of “go trade for Chris Archer!” as a uniform idea if it were 20 years ago, we’re more along the lines of “yeah, get Archer, but don’t give up Prospects A, B or C!”

So while the stagnancy rate of prospects hasn’t really changed — after all, rosters are 25 deep and have been for…..a really long time? — the hugging of them has grown to uncomfortable levels.

Still, it makes for fun discussion both when the snow is flying and in lieu of reading tweets of play-by-play from
Grapefruit League games where someone’s No. 75 just struck out someone else’s No. 83.

So here’s what prospect lists are saying about Twins minor leaguers this year (with an excerpt about the player):

Shortstop Royce Lewis (Twins No. 1 prospect on MLB.com)
  • Baseball Prospectus – No. 27 – “…exciting tools across the board, and his broad-shouldered, high-waisted frame is straight from the Projectability Factory.”
  • Fangraphs – No. 38 – “…scouts still largely think (his) tools play best in center field long-term…”
  • Baseball America – No. 24 – “…had no problem making the necessary adjustments for a smooth transition to pro ball…”
  • ESPN (Keith Law) – No. 25 – “…if he stays at shortstop, he has superstar upside with his speed and on-base skills…”
  • MLB Pipeline – No. 20 – “…watching his full-season encore should be a treat.”
  • Fake Teams – No. 22 – “…bring plus speed, an advanced approach and developing power…”
  • The Dynasty Guru – No. 26 – N/A
  • Razzball – No. 21 – “…brings five tools to the table at a premium position.”
  • KATOH – No. 23 – projected for 7.6 career fWAR
  • CBS Sports – No. 21 – “…uncommon plate discipline for a teenager.”
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