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WARNE: Possible September Call-Ups for the Minnesota Twins

Posted by Brandon Warne , 21 August 2017 · 2,637 views

minnesota twins mitch garver nik turley aaron slegers
On Sept. 1 in MLB, rosters expand. For the entire month, teams can bring up and use any player on the 40-man roster. The usage of this is varied, as some teams will empty out their minors and stock their clubhouse and dugout. Others will simply bring up some pinch-runner types and an extra bullpen arm or two.

It all depends on the team’s goals for the season and the construction of their rosters -- both 25- and 40-man. Some teams have more MLB-ready players on their 40’s than others, while others have some younger project-type players who the team just as soon would not want to promote and expose and/or pay an MLB daily salary to.

It’s been awhile since the Twins were terribly good heading into September to the point where they were fine-tuning for the playoffs, and that’s frankly not the case this season, either. Most likely, the Twins will bring up any players they think can help them toward the goal of at least one of the Wild Card spots, if not chasing down Cleveland for the division crown in the final days of the season.

And while the proverbial floodgates can open as early as Sept. 1, teams don’t like to leave their minor-league clubs playing shorthanded. For instance, the Rochester Red Wings are not only the current Wild Card team in the International League with a three-game lead over Lehigh Valley, but their regular-season schedule doesn’t end until Sept. 4 against Pawtucket. Thus, if the Red Wings miss the postseason, the mass exodus of players to Minneapolis would most likely start on Sept. 5.

Either way, here are the players we think the Twins will bring up whenever the time is right next month:

Mitch Garver - C/1B/OF

Obviously he’s already up, but what we’re saying here is that he’s almost certain to stay up for the rest of the season. Without the injury to Robbie Grossman, Garver most likely finishes out the season at Triple-A Rochester before coming up. Now, with the timeline for recovery for Grossman likely stretching into September, Garver should be up for the duration, working in mostly at DH or first base with some reps in the outfield. As much as he’s caught this season, it’s difficult to ease a catcher into things this deep into the season on the big-league roster. We saw how Juan Centeno’s trial-by-fire went last year, and he was supposed to be a good catch-and-throw guy as well. Running mate Chris Gimenez raves about Garver’s improvement even since this spring, but he probably won’t catch much, if at all the rest of the way.

Please click through here to read the rest of this article on ZoneCoverage.com.

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I tend to agree with your options. But I believe Slegers will be up again before September 1st. There is opportunity and need, with Mejia out, Santiago out, and Gibson being Gibson.

Gonsalves is the mystery man here. He has to be added to the 40 man soon. Would it really mess up his control to add him now and see what he can do in September? I honestly think he's a keeper and part of the future. While there could be growing pains, and a Rochester shuttle ride or two, like Berrios, I think it's time to get his feet wet now.

The other question(s) is Reed and Curtiss. Right now, I don't recall their 40 man status. If either, or both, don't have to be added, then I'd say wait. If either, or both, have to be added, then see Gonsalves above for either or both.

Agree Garver is here to stay, and both Granite and Palka should be up. Rucinski I'm just not sure about. I'm concerned about a second LH for the pen in 2018 and would love to see someone like Turley claim a role. So he probably gets a shot.
Brandon Warne
Aug 21 2017 10:21 PM

Reed and Curtiss are not on the 40-man roster. I don't recall what September does options-wise for Gonsalves. 

Good luck to all these players, but none of them have me excited.


Maybe there are some role players in the bunch.

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Brandon Warne
Aug 22 2017 10:27 AM


Good luck to all these players, but none of them have me excited.


Maybe there are some role players in the bunch.


Tend to agree, honestly.

I'd like to see Byung Ho come up when the Rochester season is over. Well-liked in the clubhouse and a bench bat with some pop. Same goes for Vargas (assuming Sano comes back around 9/1).


Good luck to all these players, but none of them have me excited.


Maybe there are some role players in the bunch.


I mean, no one should get you excited as anything more than a role player. That's what the September call-ups are for - pinch running, defensive substitution, LOOGY, pinch hitter with pop, late inning sub in a blow-out game to rest a starter. Those are all useful guys who might be able to give the Twins a little something to get them over the hump.

This is also unsubstantiated but I like young guys getting their MLB debuts this time of year. The season can drag and it adds a nice bit of excitement for the rest of the guys.


The Twins will have to think PLAY-OFF roster if they keep playing as they do. They also have the potential to go to a 6-man rotation to rest their five-inning throwers if truly in the playoff hunt with the return of Santiago and Mejia.


Yes, I would like to see Curtiss and Reed and Rucinski come up for the bullpen. (Remember: you can move guys up from Chattanooga if the Red Wings need players)  have to remove other guys.


I would also weigh how important names like Turley, Boshers, even Pressly are for the far future Twins, who will also have to make a decision on Ryan O'Rourke.


In the hitting department, the Twins need to decide who is on first and who will DH. They don't have a DH. I would rather see Granite in the outfield and Kepler or Rosario at DH at times. Yes, I would rather see Park up, too, but the Twins will probably let him sit out the off-season and come to spring training (or he will buyback his contract). Vargas or Park, but not both. Because you also have Palka. Like Adam Brett Walker last season, you have to ask why you are protecting this guy if you don't have any intention of playing him. If he can come up in September and do some Chris Parmelee numbers, he could sick around for another season. Otherwise, sadly, you may see him walk. And do you give Vielma some bench time, or just write him off. If you plan on keeping Jorge at shortstop, are you keeping both Eduardo and Ehire going into spring training? If you are going to arbitration, then adios to Vielma who will be replaced shortly by any number of shortstops in the system not named Gordon, Lewis, Javier or Marte. There isn't really a lot of question on how to bring up batting wise. Again, who will NOT be here in 2018 (Grossman, Vargas, Gimenez?).


Then the question comes, is Molitor willing to play these guys the correct way (whatever that is).


Just think of the joy you will bring to so many of these guys who, with a September callup, will more than double their salary for the season. May cost a few more hotel rooms and more meal money, but...man...how much have the Twins spent on airfare between their affiliates and the major league club this season anyways?


The Wise One
Aug 23 2017 01:19 AM

Gonsalves needs to solve AAA before being called up

I agree that none of these players increase my heart rate at all. Not that long ago it seemed as if our 40-man roster decisions were tough and we were in danger of losing quality young prospects. Now it seems as if we have a number of AAAA types (like Adam Brett Walker) that we are protecting.


I agree that Palka is now best served in a trade as our OF is set for hopefully quite a while. Fernando Romero is no longer in the discussion as he has been blown out his last three starts, but I still want to see Gonsalves, even if it is just as a reliever. Add him to the 40 man now since they have to after the season any way, and see if his stuff will get MLB hitters out.

At the state fair on the 28th the powers-that-be were talking with fans and basically names have already been added (Garver, Granite, Curtiss, Hildenberger) and they expect FIVE more to be added soon: Santiago, Mejia, Castro, Sano and Grossman. The consensus was that players may be allowed to develop in their team playoff situations. There will be a call-up or two right away, and a few more when the minor league season ends. No specifics, although (not counting AA) there aren't many names to consider.