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Twins Clubhouse Reacts to Escobar's Homer off Dozier on Saturday Night

Posted by Brandon Warne , 04 August 2019 · 1,274 views

minnesota twins kurt suzuki brian dozier eduardo escobar
This is an excerpt of an article originating at Zone Coverage. Click here to read it in full.

On the surface, it was just a home run. In a year where 4,588 of them have been hit already, that hardly seems like
a real headline-grabber.

MLB hitters have been hitting home runs at a rate of 1.39 per game -- by far the most in a season in history. It's not even really close; the 2017 season ranks second at 1.27 long balls per nine, and no other season is over 1.20.

The homer also came late in a game that ended 18-7. That type of score is more commonplace in today's game with balls flying out of the park at an unprecedented rate.

Also more commonplace in today's game is position players pitching, and in this case, it was a position player serving up the hitter's second home run of the game.

Alright, that's enough of that cryptic business.

The home run was in Phoenix, and it came off the bat of Eduardo Escobar.

That pitch was thrown by perhaps his best friend in all of baseball -- Washington Nationals second baseman Brian Dozier. If Dozier isn't his closest friend in the game, it's possible the guy catching is -- Nationals backstop Kurt Suzuki.

So when Dozier -- a right-handed thrower -- attempted to sneak a 69 mph floater past Escobar -- a switch hitter batting from the right side -- the Diamondbacks' jack-of-all-trades crushed it into oblivion, well into the left-field seats.

All three guys did a fairly good job of letting the moment play itself out, until Escobar did his customary home run celebration after rounding third.

That's when Suzuki had to get involved, as he playfully told Escobar to get back into the dugout while Dozier simply smiled as he watched his former teammate round the bases.

The trio was like mismatched socks -- a Hawaiian, a Mississippi boy and a guy from Venezuela -- who drew glee during their Twins days from bouncing around each other like said socks in a dryer.

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Aug 05 2019 10:42 AM

Nice moment for all.