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Twins Base-Brawl: Bobby Grich vs Roger Erickson, April 22, 1978

Posted by Michael (ClassicMNTwins) , 01 June 2017 · 2,394 views

rod carew camilo pascual gene mauch 1978 twins roger erickson
It was a sunshiny, spring day like today in Minnesota in 1978 when the California Angels hitter and second baseman Bobby Grich bullrushed Twins pitcher Roger Erickson. What better time for grown men to engage in fisticuffs and flying sucker punches than when Mr. Blue Sky is shining on their labors?

I definitely remembered doing this post lately, like after Miguel Sano was brushed back by the Tigers, and when Bryce Harper and his flowing locks charged Hunter Strickland. I think Bobby Grich saw a young, defenseless fawn in the person of young Roger Erickson, who always looked as if he was 12 years old. His mother never should have allowed him out of the house to play ball with those big, bad grownups.

In retrospect, I'm certain Grich felt that Twins manager Gene Mauch had ordered the brushback, and felt it was time to send him and the Twins a message. The same Mauch, that is, who would be his manager in a couple of years after resigning as Twins manager! Whatever was the case, please go to my blog and take a look at the most popular trending post of the week.

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Deduno Abides
Jun 03 2017 05:49 PM
Fun memory, but this was probably Roger Erickson. Scott Erickson was 10 years old in 1978.
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Michael (ClassicMNTwins)
Jun 03 2017 07:02 PM

Yes, my frazzled brain juxtaposing 2 different Twins eras and pitchers! I'm making the Scott to Roger switch ASAP!

Oh, my gosh, that is a memory-jogger.  Those Mauch years weren't always productive, but by golly, they were entertaining.  And with that guy in the dugout, you kept watching because nearly every game was like a class in managing.


Heh. I'd forgotten all about that incident, but remember it now in hindsight- Jeepers,that was scary, seeing that grown man Grich taking off after (heh- good description) fawn-like Rog Erickson. I didn't remember who that was (170-pound Rich Chiles!), until watching the video link, but I remember seeing that cross-body block he threw, and Rod teeing off on Grich when he was on the ground.  That was a heck of a fight.



Michael (ClassicMNTwins)
Jun 04 2017 08:53 PM
Everything that you said. Mauch kept me watching as well-the guy had a few layers, a complex guy, one hell of a strategist. Lest anyone forgot, or didn't know it, Joe Maddon learned at the feet of Mauch, as one of his coaches durning the latter' tenure as Angels manager in the 80s.