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Article: Players’ Union Rejects Pace Of Play Proposals

Other Baseball Today, 03:08 PM
Pace of play has been one of the major focuses during Rob Manfred’s time as commissioner. Timers have been added for between innings and...

Article: Why I Believe The Twins Are Going To Sign Yu Dar...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:55 PM
Call it a hot take. I'm fine with that. It's been cold out, and the frozen state of affairs this offseason is only deepening the chill.Bu...

Used to be, time of game didn't bother me.

Other Baseball Today, 02:16 PM
Then I partially watched game five between the Yankees and Indians. Close to four hours for a nine inning game. And the strikeouts. 31...

Boshers DFA

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:51 PM
Buddy Boshers is off the 40-man. This makes room for Addison Reed.

Article: Johan Santana Elected To Twins Hall of Fame

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:23 PM
This afternoon at Target Field, the Minnesota Twins announced that Johan Santana has been elected to the Twins Hall of Fame.Santana is th...


Twins 101: The Day The Twins Were Greenlighted For Moving To Minnesota, Oct. 26, 1960

Posted by Michael (ClassicMNTwins) , 27 October 2016 · 15,459 views

calvin griffith expansion & relocation 1961 twins twinshistory101
Twins 101: The Day The Twins Were Greenlighted For Moving To Minnesota, Oct. 26, 1960 From the safety of the walls of my study, book and Twins bobbleheads looking down on me in great thought, comes a new post, "It's Official: Senators Announce Move To Minnesota, Oct. 26, 1960." It gives a short glimpse into the intrigue and downright un-transparent (opaque?) nature of the pre-move behavior by Griffith and the American League in 1960.

It was a whole month before anyone ever used the word "Twins" in any context other than that involving Minneapolis and St. Paul. But that's a story for another time (and which is conveniently linked at the beginning of the above piece).

I hope you enjoy the read-centric nature of my latest, minor classic.

Posted Image

Michael (ClassicMNTwins)
Oct 28 2016 08:08 AM

Apologies for missed grammar, sentence fragments in original post! Fixes hopefully made now.


Apparently, the late-night World Series and play off game end times have messed with my sleeping patterns, and thus the sharpness of any blog writings. A casualty am I of October baseball! :D