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Emptying Out The Twins Mailbag

Posted by Ted Schwerzler , 21 August 2017 · 1,253 views

It's been a while since I've done a Twins mailbag here at Off The Baggy, and with the Twins playing some really fun and exciting baseball, it seemed like a good time. Soliciting questions from readers on Twitter, there was a handful of solid submissions. As the summer draws to a close, we'll get more concrete answers to some of these.

Before letting the Twins play out the rest of their 2017 season, it seemed like a good time to take a look at some lingering questions about the year that has been, and what lies ahead. This group has no doubt played well above expectations, and that's created a heightened level of excitement surrounding the hometown nine. With that said, let's get into these questions.

Do you think Benninghoff, Leach and Enlow will all be in Cedar Rapids next year or will one be in Elizabethton? @jzenk42[/quote]

There's a ton of talent with those three names, and I think they each carry a unique situation. Among the group, the one I think makes the biggest jump a year from now is Blayne Enlow. He was a steal for the Twins in the 2017 draft, and has dominated short season GCL ball. He could go to Elizabethton considering his age, but he appears ready for full season ball in Cedar Rapids.

Both Landon Leach and Tyler Benninghoff are exciting prospects as well, but there's a bit more reason to slowplay them. Benninghoff, an 11th round pick in 2016, has just returned to the mound following surgery. At 19, there's no reason to rush him. Leach is still relatively new to pitching full time, and while I think he has promise, I'd make him show you at every level for the next few seasons.

If you were Bartolo Colon, what would your favorite food be? @WildDad77[/quote]

I can only surmise that Colon's diet doesn't solely include salads. Not knowing his background, and having never been to the Dominican, trying to peg cultural foods is tough. I can say I love me a good (if that isn't an oxymoron) hot dog, some mac and cheese, or maybe even the two mixed together.

Who will be the September call ups? @theRealJemmer[/quote]

For one reason or another, it seemed like the Twins were destined to keep Garver down until September. He would have been an easy one to peg, but is now finally up. With Rochester playoff bound, I'd imagine we don't see a ton of immediate promotions on September 1st. Also, the 40 man roster is pretty well represented at the big league level.

I'd guess we could see Randy Rosario again, as well as maybe Felix Jorge or Fernando Romero getting work out of the pen. Romero is being limited right now for Chattanooga, and I'd guess he'll be coming up to an innings limit soon. Zack Granite and Daniel Palka should be near certainties from a position player standpoint with both being on the 40 man. If there's a candidate or two off of the 40 man, both Jake Reed and John Curtiss make a ton of sense.

Who should replace Molitor? @Expression451[/quote]

While the quick and easy answer is anybody, the realistic one requires a bit more thought. I've gone back and forth internally as to whether or not a Postseason run saves Molitor. I think though, he's shown enough to prove to Falvey and Levine that the results don't justify the means. It's been a situation in which the Twins have won despite him on more than one occasion.

I think the biggest thing for any new hire is going to be relatability. Minnesota trots out one of the youngest lineups in baseball, and the manager needs to be someone that can connect with youth, as well as different cultures. A progressive thinker isn't going to hurt as well, and someone that meshes with the desires of the new front office will be a must. A name I've wondered about is Sandy Alomar Jr., but I haven't done near enough digging to see if he checks off any of those boxes.

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I picture the Twins being aggressive on how players do in the GCL. Waiting for the Elizabethton season to start is jsut too much for TOP prospects.


Regarding September call-ups, here is a new wrinkle...


Who do the Twins call-up IF they have to set playoff rosters? What would be their rotation, bench and bullpen. Would Granite get shuffled up and Garver shuffled down. What is the fate of Vargas in such a scenario. Thinking that you can make changes after September if names like Grossman and Sano are still on the DL, who do you choose?


Do you cycle out Perkins on a DL call. But then who do you bring up. And you still have the 40-,man adds and subtract. I hate to say ONE LOOK in or out, but Melville and Turley may fall under that umbrella. Letting them both pass thru 40-man waivers at this late point, doubt anyone would grab them, and you could still resign them in the off-season.


So, who do the Twins put on their Playoff Roster? Rotation of Santana, Berrios (Mejia will still be on the DL), and who? You have to take another look at Slegers. You have to find someone. Colon still in the mix. Again, you can do some movement after the fact because of Santiago and Mejia. But Gibson as a lock?

And, regarding field management, that is something I want to see...I want to be the fly in the room. All depends on what Fahley and Levine want to work with, in the end. The direction they want to send the team. More prospect building (hire from within), keep Pohlad happy (Molitor stays). But something isn't quite working right on the field, or so it seems...or a lot of names are getting a looksee as the big brass see how players play in Target Field (not too well this home field advantage in 2017).


(Mejia will still be on the DL)


Do we know Mejia will be on the DL? I've heard nothing saying he's out for the year. Most fantasy sites say that he'll be back at some point.

I know Byung Ho would have to be added to the 40 but if the Twins have a spot, I think he'd be a nice addition.