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Minor Leaguers to get a Raise

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:25 PM
https://apnews.com/1...a2641244e0c00fd     Players at rookie and short-season levels will see their minimum weekly pay raised...

Romero not in camp?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:28 PM
As a post note on the Hardy article, Do-Hyoung Park mentions that Fernando Romero is not in camp.   "He is stuck in the Dominic...

Astros, Bauer, Pohlad's, Twins, Future of MLB

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:01 PM
BIG title right? But I think MLB is sitting at a unique precipice right now, and we, as baseball fans, should be concerned about everythi...

Astros Being Investigated for Using Tech to Steal Pitchin...

Other Baseball Yesterday, 07:54 PM
I can no longer say I want the Twins to emulate the Astros. Bush league maneuver to use cameras in order to steal signs.

Target Field Ranked #7 in MLB in Craft Beer Offerings

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 06:53 PM
Great article in the Athletic:   https://theathletic....beer-offerings/   Even at #7, we're only 4th in our division.Tigers are...


Wondering on the Twins Decision Makers

Posted by Ted Schwerzler , 04 March 2019 · 1,745 views

minnesota twins rocco baldelli thad levine derek falvey
Going into 2019, Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have an advantage they were not previously afforded. Picking their manager for the first time as the duo leading the organization, Rocco Baldelli represents opportunity. It’s not only the skipper though, as we’ve seen the Twins front office infuse talent across all levels of development this winter. Being impressed with what’s been done, it’s worth wondering if this is really what we were always waiting for.

When the new front office took over for Terry Ryan, the ownership group decided they would be saddled with manager Paul Molitor. Sure, he was a hometown hero and had ties to the organization, but that seemed like an odd mandate to force on a culture shift. The Minnesota manager was coming off a 103-loss season and did little to substantiate the 83 wins in his first go around. Surprisingly the club won 85 games, and despite a Postseason berth and Manager of the Year nod, the feeling was always that it was maybe time to part ways.

The front office couldn’t make the move they were obviously leaning towards and needed an opportunity for a clean break. 2018 provided that, and where we are today has only cemented to desire to make a shift. Not only is Baldelli green as a manager, but the Twins have a pitching coach who has only worked in college, and an assistant closer to still being a player than leaning on a resume of development. Looking at it all, it’s obvious what the vision for the front office truly is.

Despite a spending deficiency in the form of payroll, the Twins have dropped a significant amount of cash on the coaching and development side of the house. New coaches have been brought in across the minor league ranks, and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to finding that talent. Dollars have been allocated to Rapsodo devices and Edgertronic cameras, money has been spent on analytics salaries, and in general, every competitive advantage has been explored.

As we’ve seen with the changing free agent landscape this winter, teams are spending smarter and working harder. No longer are fringe big leaguers finding guaranteed or lucrative deals. Instead teams are looking to find players with the ability to unlock talent that is hidden behind a small tweak. Minnesota is attempting this exact thing in the form of Matt Magill and Martin Perez. Using the infrastructure, they’ve now set up, and the expertise of the newly acquired Wes Johnson, the hope is that the results bear fruit.

What it all boils down to is wondering where we’d be at if this all happened a bit sooner. 2019 is being billed as a season in which Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton help to dictate the future. While they will both play an integral role in that reality, having had this infrastructure in place a year or two ago may have helped to create consistency the organization so badly has desired. Rather than up and down years, or not being able to pinpoint reasons for success, the Twins now have a clear blueprint for process to drive results.

There’s room to be frustrated with the lack of pitching additions this winter. There’s legitimacy to wondering why payroll hasn’t properly been allocated. There isn’t any question about the intentions driving development and coaching, however. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have welcomed more information, and they’ve also hired and placed individuals in position to disseminate that knowledge in usable ways. We’ll see if it all works, but it’s hard not to view it as exciting.

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Mar 04 2019 05:33 PM

Great article. Sums up how I see this FO.They are keeping me interested in spite of my Loathing for ownership. Can we trade for John Middleton?? (don't want Bryce, just an owner who cares about civic responsibility and winning more than his pocketbook)Many of the changes that brought this team out of the Dark Ages will not be felt for years. Still it is improvement...

Not sure if this is the proper place to say this, but I have always been of the opinion that Terry Ryan wanted to fire Paul Molitor in the middle of 2016, and that's the reason he is no longer there. It should have been done then. We would be 2 years farther ahead.

Not saying that I don't like what is happening with the current front office. I think they are doing a fine job.

Mar 04 2019 11:47 PM
I was soo mad last year when we gave up Escobar. Lance Lynn we maybe should have kept. But now I am DOWN. This team will contend. I am super excited with this group. GO TWINS!!
Apr 06 2019 04:35 PM
I just think a little transparency would have helped especially last year. We are Minnesotans, we didnt hire you but you are running OUR team.(figuratively of course). Let us in on the plan and we will be all for it. To be so secretive is alarming and sort of arrogant. We are in this together. nuff said. Mr. Falvey you arent running for office, quit saying what you think we want to hear. You can run for President or CEO of the Red Sox in 2024.