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Fun with HR numbers

Posted by Brandon , 18 August 2019 · 1,318 views

I remember in 1987 the Twins came within 2 HRs of having 4 players hit 30 HRs on the same team in the same season. Hrbeck 34, Brunanski 32, Gaetti 31 and Puckett 28. The Dodgers 1977 team with Baker, Cey, Garvey and Reggie Smith achieved this once.

fast forward to 2019 and boy do i just feel a lot older....but this Twins team currently has Cruz with 32 and Kepler with 33 HRs already. Rosario is at 27 and both Sano and Garver are at 23. The Twins could end up with 5 players with 30 Hrs.

They could also be a team with 2 or 3 players with 40 HRs if Sano gets more playing time and continues at his current rate.

The Twins also have 11 players with 10 HRs already.

and they already have 6 players with over 20 Hrs already.

Kepler 33
Cruz 32
Rosario 27
Sano 23
Garver 23
and Cron 20

We also have Schoop 17, Polanco 17 and Gonzales 14 for a potential 9 players with 20 HRs in a season. Is that a record? Castro also has an outside shot at 20 making it 10 potential Twins with 20 HRs in a season.

This is definitely fun to watch as the 2019 Twins are set to become the most powerful team of all time smashing the Major League Team HR record for a season. How do you see this playing out. How many 20 HR hitters will we have? How many 40 HR hitters?

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It's fun to see the home runs coming from all areas of the batting order. There are not a lot of times the opposing pitcher is thinking, 'Well, at least I don't have to worry about THIS guy'.

Pretty good bet that Schoop & Polanco will join the 20+ home run group.

It is still exciting to watch and we can hope that they do break the major league record, although what would the Yankees be doing this season with Stanton in the batting order.


Hoping the Twins can pull it off, maybe all-the-way to 300 dingers. Most notable is the few homers that the staff has given up!