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Nolasco 8/31

Posted by Secondary User , 01 September 2014 · 476 views

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I'm torn on how I feel about this outing. On the one hand, Nolasco didn't seem to have great command throughout the day. He gave up 12 hits, 2 BBs, only 2Ks and two home runs. He seemed to be working in trouble most the day, but outside of the third inning, he was able to get out of it. Baltimore is a very potent offense that will make you pay dearly for mistakes, and the 3 big home runs that accounted for 8 of Baltimore's 12 runs are evidence of that.

I question the decision to walk Davis to get to Hardy. He's a sub .200 hitter against both righties and lefties, Ks a lot. Hardy isn't the fastest guy, but he is on the fly ball side of the spectrum when it comes to GB/FB ratios compared to league averages. I know that the radio guys were saying Maddon did the same thing a couple weeks ago, and says he would stick by it, but he got burned by it as well. Just seems like I'd take my chances going after Davis.

Anyway, 12 Hits, with the 2 basically every pitch but the splitter being hit well. 9.7% swinging strike rate is below Baltimore's season avearge. Had hoped for a good effort to piggy back off of his last outing, but maybe it was asking too much against a dangerous Baltimore squad.