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The Twins played the Yankees. Should I even go on? Yes?Alright, Ryan LaMarre pitched for the Twins. Stop there? OK then.Snapshot (chart v...

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Last night, it appears Alan Busenitz was justifiably sent down to Rochester. This morning the Twins recalled Tyler Duffey to take his spo...


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Baltimore is BAD. How long before they trade Manny and try to get as much in return as possible? Do they wait until the deadline? Any pre...

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May 8/29

Posted by Secondary User , 01 September 2014 · 535 views

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Seemed like May was cruising through three, then a 2 hits, a hit batter and walk later and that's the game. From a numbers stand point, May's control was meh.....61% strikes. Got a lot of swinging strikes on his Change up and 4 seam, and a 16.7 Swinging Strike rate is nothing to shake a stick at, even for Baltimore (10.6% on the year). 8Ks in 4.2. Trying to list some positives as we see another disappointing outing....

Aug 30 2014 07:39 AM
He got back to his changeup last night, throwing a few to right handed batters too, and turned off some really sharp breaking pitches. He looked so good for the first three innings...


....then a 2 hits, a hit batter and walk later and that's the game. From a numbers stand point



Correction,  in the 4th inning, It was a hit, then 2 HBP, K of Delmon, and then the walk to Hardy.  (Losing Hardy was the crusher to May getting out of the jam, he has a paltry BB% of 4.7% and this year is an extremely high percentage, GB/IFFB hitter).  

Secondary User
Aug 31 2014 09:09 AM
Thanks for the clarification Jokin. I didn't write the event in chronological order, just clumped them together, but I forgot to put two hit batters