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Milone 8/28

Posted by Secondary User , 28 August 2014 · 208 views

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According to the GameDay PitchF/x, Milone really changed up his offerings this time around. He didn't mix in his curveball until the later innings (didn't throw it until the 4th inning). According to PitchF/x, he threw a cutter, and threw it quite a bit (19 offerings), and it worked very well. While his command of his 4 seam was off (though some people I spoke to thought that the zone was getting pinched; any input into that would be greatly appreciated), his cutter got him a couple swinging strikes, and when it was put in play accounted for an out (0/4). His 4-seam and changeup didn't seem to be fooling, getting only one swinging strike each and getting hit with good contact (3/7 and 4/7 respectively).

His last outing, I found myself thinking that the cutter had been such an effective pitch for Hughes, and Milone being a control guy, might benefit from that. Looking up his player card on brooksbaseball.net, a cutter is listed as one of his main offerings, yet it wasn't in the Detroit game. Again, the numbers say his command was off, but I'd love any input on what the strike zone was like tonight.

I didn't see the game, but an average velocity on the 4-seam of 86 is concerning. It was speculated that one of the reasons the A's demoted and then traded him was a loss of velocity, and so far it appears they were right.He will have a hard time succeeding unless he turn into Jaime Moyer (and convinces the umpires) or rediscovers about 5 ticks on the fastball.

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I'm surprised they are listing his fastball as a 4 seamer.It looks to me like he throws nothing but 2 seamers (which would be slower).


A guy like him has literally no margin for error.His control has to be nearly perfect and when it isn't, he is going to get hit.

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Secondary User
Aug 30 2014 12:33 AM

Tommy Milone's average fastball velocity in the majors by year:


2011 - 87.8

2012 - 87.4

2013 - 87.0

2014 - 86.5


He's down a little more than a mile per hour over his career, and about a mile per hour since he was in Oakland

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