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Hughes 8/21

Posted by Secondary User , 21 August 2014 · 400 views

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Phil Hughes pitched a great game. Amazing command, throwing a 71-26 ratio on balls to strikes and some nice swinging strike numbers. One thing of note (though it's actually not on this image, and might start becoming part of it in the future) is that Cleveland had 32 foul balls, 3 of which were foul tips. In the top of the 3rd, Zach Walters fouled off 7 pitches in one at bat alone! There are two ways that you can look at a stat like that:
According to Brooksbaseball.net, Hughes has a 30.84% foul ball rate on his 4 seam, a 12.09% on his Curve and a 21.40% on his Cutter. Today he had 17/56= 30.4% foulball rate on his 4 seam, 4/16=25% on his Curve and 8/24=33.3% on his Cutter, so he's above his averages on the latter two.

1) Cleveland was just a little off and this is something to be concerned about
2) Hughes is doing a great job pitching to spots that batters can't do anything but foul it off and his pitches have enough movement to be throwing off hitters.

When I get to, I don't get to watch the games on a very quality picture, so it's tough for me to evaluate that. Any input from anyone?

I enjoy your reports.I tape all the games and watch them without the commercials. I love the way Hughes keeps a quick pace.Part of the reason he has a lot of fouls is that he is around the plate a lot. He refuses to walk people. A few AB's every game where the hitter can't put the fastball on the black in play and Hughes just keep throwing it.