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Beer and Loathing in Minnesota Sports

Posted by zchrz , 13 August 2014 · 401 views

I am a diehard Minnesota sports fan and it has been a rough couple years nothing but beer and loathing. The Twins have been terrible, the Vikings have floundered, the Timberwolves have been the Timberwolves. There has been a major vein of dysfunction across the board as the teams have seemed stuck in the past in their approach to doing things or just plain bad at it.

The Twins suffered a sudden and hard fall from grace going from perennial division winner trying to figure the playoffs out to bottom feeder, and the corpse of the organization has just been laying at the bottom of that fall twitching for three years now. Bill Smith helped start the demise and Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire have watched the game evolve beyond them yet kept their positions. The roster has been filled with AAAA prospects, hurt vets, and just plain bad players save for the rare flower in the cement like Brian Dozier.

The Vikings have been mediocre at the best of times and terrible at the worst. They have been unable to solve the coaching or quarterback problems and wasted Adrian Peterson's prime on the likes of Leslie Frazier and Christian Ponder.

The Timberwolves have always been bad save for when a Kevin falls into their lap and carries the team for awhile. Glen Taylor employs his country club of comfort as the rest of the league fills W's into their schedules when facing the wolves.

There is a wave of change coming however. A youth movement to wash away the grime left on the collective memory of the recent past.

The Twins have the top prospect in baseball as well as one of the best farm systems. There are power arms and bats slowly bubbling to the surface of the majors right as it appears the out dated regime of Ryan and Gardenhire are out the door. Buxton, Sano, Vargas, Santana, Gordon, Meyer, Stewart, Berrios, Thorpe ect, ect, ect the Twins are going to be loaded with talent in the next couple years.

The Vikings are finally free of the Leslie Frazier (Brad Childress)/ Christian Ponder (Tavaris Jackson) era and there is a promising new coach and quarterback supplemented by a lot of young talent. Bridgewater, Patterson, Barr, Smith, Rhodes, Khalil, ect there is a lot of explosive young talent on both sides of the ball surrounded by some very good veterans

The Timberwolves are a little behind the curve like usual. They had a chance to be good last year but now Kevin Love is gone and the re-re-re-re-rebuild begins again. The good thing about it however is they received maybe the best return for a outgoing superstar ever in the Kevin Love trade. Rubio, Wiggins, Lavine, Dieng has the chance to be an awesome young core.

I am excited for what these teams could become in the near future and there might actually be merit behind that excitement for once. Maybe two years from now it will be champagne and gloating.

Brock Beauchamp
Aug 14 2014 08:49 PM

Great entry. As always, hope springs eternal. At least the Wild are good, right?


BTW, you should pop on over to Vikings Journal and start a blog over there. We're giving away pizzas to the first few bloggers on the site (provided you live in MN).

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Paul Pleiss
Aug 16 2014 05:04 PM

I've never been a Wolves fan or a Wild fan, and I officially gave up on the Vikings (as a franchise) the year before the Bret Favre signing.


The Minnesota Twins are my Minnesota team. Other than that, I'm more of a fan in general, than specific. Except for the NBA, I loathe them all equally.

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