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Going green with the Twins

Posted by hybridbear , 11 August 2014 · 772 views

I've been interested in starting a blog for some time now. Not necessarily a Twins-specific blog, but just a blog in general. But, seeing the Blogging for Pizza post here has prompted me to start one today. I mean, come on, who doesn't love free pizza?

First off, a couple things about me.
  • I'm a lifelong Minnesotan and baseball fan
  • I'm an Electric Vehicle Owner & a big advocate of electrified vehicles
  • I really enjoy listening to Alfonso Fernandez & Tony Oliva broadcast the Twins games in Spanish & wish they did all the games
First off, I must in some way incorporate Joe Mauer into this post. So, here goes: At the time when the Twins signed him I said it was a bad idea and that they would have been better off trading him or letting him walk as a free agent. Unfortunately, the Twins were trying to relive the glory years and thought that keeping Mauer around until his legs fall off was a sound strategy to win ballgames. On that same front, Gardy needs to go. The Twins need a manager & staff who will embrace sabermetrics and find a way to win games. Gardy's love affair with washed up players like Kubel, Bartlett & Guerrier this season should have been the straw that broke the camel's back, he needs to go. Baseball is a business, it's not a family. Gardy has the wrong attitude.

Ok, rant over.

Secondly, I really enjoy listening to the Twins games in Spanish because the announcers are so much more animated compared to listening to Dan Gladden, Kris Atteberry & Cory Provus. It's much more entertaining to listen to Alfonso Fernandez describe what's happening on the field than listening to the other three. In fact, I've found just about every sport to be more entertaining to listen to in Spanish. For example, listening to Alfonso Fernandez & Tony Oliva analyze and describe the out by Nunez on the basepaths in the 7th inning was very entertaining because they got so into it. Football (not soccer) is also especially entertaining in Spanish for the same reason.

Thirdly, as someone who is very interested in the environment & sustainability I'm glad to see that the Twins also take an interest in these things. Their Sustainability page summarizes their efforts. Their efforts to capture & reuse rainwater are well publicized, but some of their other efforts which are less well known also deserve attention.
  • The Twins donate prepared, but untouched meals, to local charities rather than throwing away this food
  • They also have a "Green Cleaning program" which focuses on reducing the amount of chemicals used in cleaning the stadium and also using cleaning compounds which meet the USGBC (US Green Building Council) LEED standards
It's very nice to see the Twins making efforts to reduce waste, resource consumption and energy consumption at the stadium.

Now, I'm looking forward to pizza.

Thank you for writing! As someone who follows the Twins minor leagues and minor leaguers so closely, I've always wanted to learn Spanish better. Maybe listening to Oliva and Fernandez would help! 


I hope you will continue to to post from time to time!


The Twins are doing (and did) a lot of very good things environmentally, no question. Their green efforts have been awarded, and it's great to see them continue to do more. 

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