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Youth Movement

Posted by Target Field of Dreams , 11 August 2014 · 1,117 views

Youth Movement After 3 years of watching plodding, sometimes downright terrible baseball from the hometown 9, it is refreshing to see some of the young guys get their shots. For a time, it seemed as if this day would never come, with guys like Pelfrey, Diamond and Correia clogging the starting staff and doing little more than keeping rotation spots warm for a few seasons, it was starting to get depressing. But now, it seems the fog has lifted and the young guns are making a push to lead our squad out of the cellar of the American League Central and back to the championship form of yesterdecades (not a word, but it should be, and it sadly fits here).

While the young guys will take their lumps and struggle, see Trevor May's first start as an example of this, it is exciting to see them get their shots. It's important for them to get a chance to figure things out, so they can help us next year and for the Twins to figure out what they have as they plan their roster decisions for years to come. There are many on the 40 man roster that need to be reviewed to see if they warrant keeping there, so I am excited for the Twins to have an opportunity to do that this year as well.

Here's my dream scenario for our young guys(outlandish? Likely, but like I said...I'm feeling hopeful):
  • Vargas is able to become some combination of Harmon Killebrew and David Ortiz over at 1st (I'd settle for a Hrbek though) :)
  • Santana becomes a cross between Greg Gagne and Zoilo Versalles at Short
  • Buxton comes up next year fully healthy and becomes a cross between Kirby Puckett and Torii Hunter
  • Sano starts next season as the every day 3rd baseman and becomes a better Gary Gaetti (minus the facial hair) and more powerful version of Corey Koskie
  • Meyer and May become some version of Jack Morris and a not crazy Scott Erickson for years to come
Sprinkle in a solid core of seasoned vets: Mauer being good and healthy Joe Mauer...this is a key success factor, Brian Dozier simply dominating 2nd base, an ever improving Oswaldo Arcia, Suzuki as a cool Hawaiian All-Star catcher along with a sick bullpen headlined by a lights out Glen Perkins and we've got ourselves a solid team looking to contend. After years of toil, it couldn't come soon enough. Let's see what these young guys have so we can get the party started sooner than later!

What are your thoughts on the ceilings of some of our young guys coming up? It would be awesome if they all panned out close to my dream scenario above :).


Vargas is able to become some combination of Harmon Killebrew and David Ortiz over at 1st (I'd settle for a Hrbek though)

I'd settle for Craig Kusick

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Target Field of Dreams
Aug 11 2014 12:57 PM

Wow...Craig Kusick had a sweet 'stache 1ea3b59c_davis.jpg

Paul Pleiss
Aug 13 2014 12:40 AM

"•Santana becomes a cross between Greg Gagne and Zoilo Versalles at Short"


Hopefully more Gagne than Z, unless we're talking about his MVP season.

Target Field of Dreams
Aug 13 2014 09:01 AM

Good point on Versalles Paul...Maybe just Versalles spark plug/power ability and Gagne's everything else.