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Article: Searching For Relief

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:48 AM
"The two most important things in life are good friends and a strong bullpen."--- Bob Lemon, Hall of Fame PitcherThe Twins bullpen would...

It's over. Post your offseason plan

Minnesota Timberwolves Talk Today, 12:26 AM
From what I can tell, here's what we have to look forward to:   Either the sixth or seventh pick in the draft.   Lots of cap sp...

Article: Game Thread: Twins@Red Sox, 6/26@6:10pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:14 AM
One of the great thinkers of our time… Eddie Vedder once said: “The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself”.Take that Cleveland! J...

Article: Coming Soon: Starting Pitching (But How Soon?)

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:14 AM
Anyone who is reading this site is a big Minnesota Twins fan. Anyone who is a big Twins fan realizes that this team needs pitching. A lot...

Article: Red Sox 4, Twins 1: Sale Outduels Berrios

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:52 PM
Jose Berrios pitched much better than the box score suggests, as he went blow-for-blow with Chris Sale before the Twins bullpen allowed a...

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Thoughts on Brian Dozier

Posted by stringer bell , 05 September 2016 · 1,574 views
power, second base, trade target and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
Let me preface what will undoubtedly be a long entry by saying I am a Dozier fan. I have spoken to him at Spring Training a couple of times and like the young man. I believe he has been the Twins MVP for each of the last four seasons (counting this one) and I have no doubt that he is the team's best player at this point. Certainly, he isn't flawless, but...


All-Star Break Thoughts

Posted by stringer bell , 12 July 2016 · 863 views
lineup, power, rotation, bullpen and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
At the All-Star break, the Twins sit with a terrible 32-56 record and it is only that good because they've won the last three series against three AL West clubs. For most of the season, the Twins have scored the fewest runs in the AL while allowing the most. I wasn't totally surprised that the Twins pitching staff was bad, but it just doesn't seem right t...


Twins Problems Start and End on the Mound

Posted by stringer bell , 04 July 2016 · 694 views
last in the league, bullpen and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Yep, the Twins are bad. They almost certainly will lose 100 games and finish last in the AL Central. Management has been trashed regularly on Twins Daily and has deserved the scorn of the fan base. Articles have been written and several threads have discussed trading just about every veteran on the roster. I submit to everyone that the position players ar...


My Visit to Yankee Stadium

Posted by stringer bell , 25 June 2016 · 483 views
bronxseats, twins, weather
Community Blog Post
Well I saw the new Yankee Stadium last night. It was determined before we got to New York, that we would see Lions vs. Christians er Yankees vs. Twins on Friday night. My son, serving as tour guide/babysitter had us heading for the Bronx by 5 PM. After spending all afternoon in a museum, I was ready to go. We got to a subway station and headed towards the...


Anatomy of a Big Inning (or two)

Posted by stringer bell , 19 June 2016 · 461 views
june 18, passed ball, jepsen
Community Blog Post
Yesterday, Ricky Nolasco and the Twins were cruising to a victory against the weakened, but still hated, New York Yankees. A funny thing happened on the way to the winner's circle--the Twins gave up seven runs in innings 7, 8, and 9 and were beaten despite getting two homers against Chapman in the ninth.

Here are some of the culprits: Kevin Jepsen entere...