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Twins Seeking to Stay Relevant Amongst Youths

Posted by Twins and Losses , 12 July 2016 · 1,589 views

max kepler joe mauer ricky nolasco glen perkins phil hughes
Twins Seeking to Stay Relevant Amongst Youths By all accounts, this has been a lost season for the Twins.

Glen Perkins: done for the season.

Phil Hughes: done for the season.

Kevin Jepsen: cleared waivers on the day that Chi Wen Hu, the pitching prospect sent to Tampa Bay to acquire Jepsen, pitched a perfect 1-2-3 inning in the Futures Game with only five pitches including a fastball that touched 97 MPH…

…you know, just to name a few.

While a recent stretch of power hitting and “good enough” pitching has propelled the Twins to a positive start to the month of July, they still find themselves sitting a mere thirteen games out of fourth place in the AL Central at the All Star Break. The front office has been scrambling to come up with an attraction to bring fans back to the stadium once regular season baseball resumes next week in case the bats come back cold.
They may have a solution: Twinkiemon.

Riding the coattails of the newest cultural phenomenon Pokemon GO, the Twins have taken Niantic’s groundbreaking idea and thrown it into a mixing bowl with a splash of Twins Way and a dash of Total System Failure. The result is a revolutionary new way to interact with Target Field that the Twins are calling ‘Twinkiemon GO.’

Instead of walking around in public trying to capture fictional creatures in hopes of training them for battle, the user of the much-anticipated app will instead wander aimlessly around Target Field attempting to catch Rays of Hope. Examples of these rays include Kepler’s Potential, Buxton’s Defense, Retro Mauer, Axe Bat Suzuki and Something Called Robbie Grossman.

There are also a few special holographic Rays, more rare than the others and indeed harder to catch as they have been seldom to come by lately. Park Bang headlines this cast of crafty rays followed by Quality Start Milone, Healthy Plouffe, Career Average Nolasco and Major League Berrios.

When you collect enough of these Rays of Hope, you able to craft them together in a mini game to create a Silver Lining. That lining is then used to affectively shut down your phone so you are free to enjoy the reason you came to the ballpark in the first place which is buying a helmet full of nachos, a beverage of your choice and watching a game of baseball.

“We’re trying to get more youths to the ballpark any way we can,” said Terry Ryan when asked about the app. “With certain players calling baseball ‘tired’, we were looking for ways to spice things up a bit here at Target Field.”

Twinkiemon GO is expected to hit the iOS and Android markets after the All Star Break, and the Twins hope to attract more patrons by offering a one time only opportunity to capture the limited edition All Star Nunez.

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Let's put some more thought into fixing the product on the field.


That is ultimately which gets the nacho eaters and beer drinkers to the stadium, and keeps them there for the long haul!


That and especially players kids will identify with to play the game. You gotta get the guys out into the community, FO, and not just on phones.