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“Carlos Nolasco: Ricky, or Richard?”

Posted by Twins and Losses , 05 April 2016 · 1,417 views

ricky nolasco mn twins twins and losses
“Carlos Nolasco: Ricky, or Richard?” Ricky Nolasco hasn’t made many friends in Twins Territory over the past few seasons.
Have you forgotten some of the reasons why? Well for starters; this, and lets not forget this gem to start
to season.

Not to mention Ricky has been underwhelming during his run with the Twins. The Twins
knew what they were getting when they signed Nolasco: an average pitcher with strikeout
potential. Over the first two seasons of his four-year deal with Minnesota, Nolasco has
pitched 196 1/3 innings. That would be his fifth highest career total for IP, unfortunately
it happened over two seasons, instead of one.

Ricky’s ERA and WHIP have ballooned since he left MIA and LAD too. His ERA since
joining the Twins is 0.84 and 2.21 higher than his career average in 2014, and 2015
respectively. His WHIP has jumped up .193 and .391 over the last two seasons. That’s
generally not a good sign for a pitcher coming up on their mid-30’s, who still has a year
after this remaining on his contract.

The good (bad) news (depending on which side of the fence you fall) is that Ricky’s
spring training starts looked good. While Tyler Duffey was anointed the fifth starter
coming into spring, Ricky Nolasco pitched better, against the same kind of competition.
At the time Duffey was cut from spring training, Ricky’s ERA was 2 points lower, and
his strikeouts were significantly higher (I believe Ricky was down to a 4.05, with 18 SOs,
vs. Duffeys 6.71 ERA and 4SOs to 3BBs). Unfortunately Nolasco’s stats ballooned in his
last few outings, and his ERA was north of 5.00, fully understanding that spring training
isn’t always the best barometer of whom to bring back to the Twin Cities.

If healthy, and in the mindset that he can help the team (or himself through a trade),
Nolasco won’t hurt this team. While many fans will be hoping for another injury (we
want May/Duffey/Berrios, dammit!), my hope is that Nolasco pitches so well, a potential
playoff team will take him off our hands at the trade deadline. Another interesting idea
would be flipping Duffey to the bullpen, and May to the starting rotation should this
occur, or in the future. May has enough pitches to start, while Duffey could use his time
in the bullpen to develop another pitch or two. That’s an article for another time though.

The money doesn’t matter nearly as much as the roster spot. The Twins have some great
pitching options waiting in the Wings (see what I did there?) who may not have much
more to prove. The signings of Phil Hughes, Ervin Santana, and Nolasco have put some
of those players on the back burner. We’ve seen the contracts being demanded by
pitchers these days, so the lengths and costs were going to rise. This could be a good
thing if Terry Ryan and the front office aren’t sold on Berrios, Meyer, May, and many
others not being ready for primetime just yet. Having some proven starters to wait out the
development of the younger arms isn’t a bad plan, you just hope you aren’t wasting
precious time with the rookies.

I’m not sold on the Twins making a strong post-season run quite yet. I think 2017 is a
more realistic season for the Twins to start making waves again. This year will be one
laden with hope. Hope that Miguel Sano continues to mash taters. Hope that Byron
Buxton gets his bat going in the majors. Hope that Byung-ho Park isn’t lost in translation.
Hope that Joe Mauer can return to a semblance his former self. And hope that Carlos Nolasco is more
of a Ricky, than a Richard.

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